Why not is the popular answer.  Actually, Jay was saving his
archive of shows on his brother's web space. It was getting
full with Jay's stuff, so it was time to get more web space.  

Well, a website with nothing but an index page of files is a
bit boring, right?  Jay felt that he needed to do a LITTLE bit
more.  So, you will see that he has posted the latest shows
on the front page and all shows on the Podcast Directory

Then after many requests for proof that Kathy Kersting had
actually lost the weight that she has claimed in the radio
ads, Jay decided to create a page that shows the proof.  
The results picture was nearly two months old when it was
posted.  Kathy has lost over a hundred pounds total.  More
pictures will be posted......as soon as Kathy approves them.
Why the
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