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17 September 2008 - Staffers LIE on behalf of Nixon. No, no the other one.

Now that it is not going to happen, I can let you in on a little secret project I have been working on.

Since the end of the August primary election, I have been working to get an on-air debate between Congressman Kenny Hulshof and Attorney General Jay Nixon, the two men who are seeking to be the next governor of our great state.

Listeners of the show probably recall that Congressman Hulshof agreed to debate on my show.  This was asked and answered at 7:19 am on 1 August 2008.  This was before he won the Republican primary.  Since that time, I have traded e-mails with his people laying out the details of my debate proposal.

After digging for a few weeks, and sending e-mails via the Jay Nixon for Governor website, and NOT getting phone calls returned, I finally got a name and e-mail address with the assistance of Matt LaCasse in our Columbia news room.

The Nixon people FINALLY responded to an e-mail.  And this is what I offered to both campaigns.

First, a MORNING drive time on-radio debate.  Second, to take place in the Rotunda of the Missouri State Capitol.  Third, it would be CO-moderated by me and my counterpart at NewsTalk 1400 KFRU, David Lile.  Finally, we would entertain other media involvement in the debate and welcome TV cameras to video tape the debate for the news and for use in the campaigns.

This debate was to air live in both Jefferson City and in Columbia.  We also were exploring the possibility of feeding the audio to other stations around the state.

The Hulshof campaign seemed interested, especially based on the on-air commitment of the candidate himself.

The Nixon campaign said they would get back to me.  This was in late August.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I get an e-mail from the Hulshof campaign telling me that they would still be happy to take part in a debate, but warned that I might not find the Nixon campaign as open.

Knowing this, I again contacted the Nixon folks to see what they had to say.

The response was as follows:

"After talking with Congressman Hulshof's campaign, we have agreed to a series of four debates, the first of which took place last week in Columbia.The remaining three debates are scheduled for October.  We believe these debates, hosted by various Missouri media outlets and organizations, will ensure that as many Missourians as possible are able to watch and hear the candidates for governor discuss their positions on the issues.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate additional debate requests."

I responded with a explanation that dismissing my offer as a Jefferson City only opportunity showed a lack of understanding of my proposal AND that I was sorry that we were not able talk about it directly.

Then, I shared the news with the Hulshof campaign.

That is when it happened.  I learned that I was lied to.  The Hulshof campaign never agreed to four debates, that was all the Nixon campaign was willing to do.  Tell me that, and this story is over.  Lie to me, and I will share it with EVERYONE.  And here I am doing just that.

Let me be precise.  The exact wording of the Hulshof campaign was as follows:

"this is a hoax they're pulling on many people.  They're suggesting that we have somehow agreed to only four debates.  That is flat wrong."

So, I am using the big ugly LIE word.  Hoax is pretty strong.  The fact that they stated they agreed to something that was not a point of contention of the other party is a lie.  It was apparently never up for discussion.  The Hulshof folks seemed to be of "the any time, any place" viewpoint.  The Nixon folks apparently wanted to limit the contacts.  Fine, just tell me that.  Instead, they wished to spin me.  That makes it a LIE. 

I will admit that Mr. Nixon himself did NOT lie to me.  But people acting on his behalf DID.  And as ANYONE from Missouri knows, and Harry Truman reminded us, the Buck Stops where?

At this point, I will not bully him to appear on the show.  He is welcome to come on the show.  If he chooses not to, that is his decision.  Equal time laws state that I must provide time to him equal to that granted to Mr. Hulshof within one week IF HE REQUESTS IT.   I will not violate rules and laws.

And I will not LIE, nor have someone LIE on my behalf.

All of that said, I am sorry to my audience that I let you down by not being able to provide this debate for you.  We did carry A debate for you last week, but not one that we had any direct involvement in. 

Again, I am sorry if I let you down.


The Nixon campaign has contacted me with their version of events.  It shows the final agreed debate schedule and does not counter my previous points.  "Agreed" is a term that can be taken several ways.  One point was a fifth debate, that the Hulshof campaign bowed out of due to apparent schedule conflicts.  

The fact that I was open on dates, but offered three up front, does not change ANY of the other FACTS as I have stated.  My opinion remains unchanged.


The Royals are on a FIVE game winning streak.

Too little, too late, but it does help show the future of the team.

Unlike the NFL, I have gotten back into Major League Baseball.  I was away from the game for about ten years, so getting back here to the Midwest has brought me back into the game.

Of course, I am surrounded by Cardinals fans and I have no problem with them, unless they are also Royals haters.  Then I dismiss them as being fools with a grudge that THEY need to get over.  

Anyhow, a strong September added to a few off-season additions and the farm system feeding the parent club, leads to confidence for the next season.


So by now you have heard all of these independent groups debunking John McCain's claims that Barack Obama supported a Sex Education bill that would allow Sex Ed to be taught to Kindergartners.   Shame on John McCain for the false claim?

That is what I thought.  Guess what, McCain wasn't wrong!

Even the "Truth-O-Meter" by Politifact.com got it wrong.  And that bothers me since I have the "Truth-O-Meter" at the top of the homepage of this blog. (You may not see that if you get this page as an RSS feed or by the daily page links.  You also miss my link to Amazon.com)


If there are any Mizzou fans who read this, you really want to support the Tennessee Volunteers this Saturday.

USC is off.  Same with Oklahoma.  Georgia is at Arizona State and the Sun Devils are no longer a ranked team. 

That leads to Florida.   They play Tennessee in Knoxville.

You see, the ONLY way that the Tigers can move up in the rankings this week is IF someone above them loses.  Beating Buffalo....Buffalo!!!.....beating Buffalo, a team that they should not even be sharing the field with, by 52 will do NOTHING.

The only reason that Mizzou moved up this week was that USC beat Ohio State.  That is it.  They did NOTHING to help themselves.

So, hope for a Florida loss.  Best chance the Tigers have to get to number 4 in this next week.

Otherwise, sit back and HOPE for the best as the season moves on.


Have a Great Wednesday!!

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