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I quit, wait…no I don’t. AND, I might retire, but I don’t know.

Call it the land of the indecisive coach.  It is the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division.

First, we heard on Saturday night that FU Gators head football coach Urban Meyer quit citing health concerns.   Heart trouble.  Probably breaking because Timmy the Mohel is about to play his final game for him.  But anyhow, he quit.

Then yesterday, he reconsidered.  He is taking a leave of absence for health reasons following the Sugar Bowl.

Question number one…..Can a head football coach on a leave of absence still recruit?

OK, next case is Rich Brooks.  The Kentucky Wildcats head football coach said following his teams loss to Clemson at the Music City Bowl that he was eighty percent sure that he wasn’t coming back.  Brooks is older and he has set Kentucky on a pretty decent course for success during his tenure, getting to more consecutive bowl games than Paul W. Bryant did while coaching at UK.  [Unfair comparison as there are many more bowl games now than during Coach Bryant's tenure.]

That still leaves Georgia’s gridiron leader, Mark Richt, as the dean of the SEC football coaches.  But, he failed to live up to preseason expectations, so who knows what will happen in 2010.

Will Meyer coach the Gators season opener in 2010 against the Lobomized Friars of St. Jude’s College of the Limbless?

Will Brooks continue to develop the UK Wildcats into a competitive squad in the SEC East, but add to the losing streak against the Volunteers?

Will Richt survive the 2010 season?

Will Lane Kiffin continue to have the best hostesses in College Football (shame on you Pete Carroll and USC, you can do better!)?

Can Steve Spurrier bring back the brashness (is that really a word?) that Lane Kiffin copied from him?

Does anyone know if Bobby Johnston ever has concerns over his job leading the Commode Doors?

And people question the quality of the SEC.  If the game isn’t better on the field, and it is, it certainly is more interesting off the field than the Big Televen, Big 4/Little 8, and ACC.  The Pac 10 can, in many cases, match the on-field quality….but their soap operas are sooooooo boring.

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