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Rest in Peace, dear friend.

The coffee pot at the Kersting house dead at age nine.

Purchased 23 December 2000 at Meijer’s in Michigan (Belleville, I think…..that is the bottom right on your left hand) as a Christmas present to my wife Kathleen.  It was always wanted and often loved in the Kersting household.  For nine years, in three locations in two different states (was not opened and used at our residence of the time, but two months later at the luxurious Sutherland Apartments) the Black & Decker Spacemaker 12 cup coffee maker was a dependable servant to the Kersting family.

Whether for the single pot of coffee on a daily basis, or for the mulitple pots when hosting vistors, the Kersting Black & Decker Spacemaker never failed to brew when needed.

At 6:19am, 28 December 2009, the Kersting Black & Decker Spacemaker 12-cup coffee pot ceased to be.  Sure, the hot plate warmed, but the water would not pump through the mechanical veins to be heated and filtered through the grounds.

The Kersting household is now at a crossroads.  Can this Black & Decker Spacemaker 12-cup coffee pot truly be replaced by another, new design, Black & Decker Spacemaker 12-cup coffee pot?  Sure, but it will NEVER be the same.  You just CAN’T replace a trusted family friend that easily.

I am thinking it is time for a new brand and a new model.  Kathleen thinks that we stick with Black & Decker and get another Spacemaker.  But I think that is like trying to replace the kids dead turtle with another turtle, like in “My Blue Heaven” (after Joan Cusack ran the dear pet through the garbage disposal).

There will be discussion.  There will be debate.

But we MUST move on.  We must.

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  • Dec 28th 200909:12
    by Kathleen

    Yes, we grieve the loss of a trusted “friend” – debate on the “new friend” will ensue…

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