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The “Ruler” fails and points fingers….subtle this time

Remember when President Obama was still a Senator and he told us that he would be ready to “Rule” from Day One.

I do.  I remember being appalled by that statement.  The United States of America is managed by a blueprint called the Consititution of the United States of America.  And the Constitution opens with the three most important words possible……”We The People….”  That means, we the people consent to be lead, not ruled.

Well, ole Barry dropped the ball and pointed fingers once again.  How did he drop the ball?  First by having Janet Napolitano as his Homeland Security Secretary.  I’m not saying she is inept, I don’t have to because the record is clear.  This is much worse than the Tom Ridge run on Duct Tape back in 2002, that was scaring We The People and it was stupid, but at least it seemed that Ridge and company could explain it.  Secretary Napolitano coming out and telling us that the system worked AFTER “Captain Underpants” successfully set himself on fire, is NOT the system working out.  Sorry, that is a failure.

The President IS responsible for her because he appointed her.  And where does the “Buck” stop?  Anyone, anyone…..Democrat President Harry Truman said “The Buck Stops Here”…at HIS desk….the Presidents desk.

But it goes on from there.  President Obama proved that he is either ignorant of the whole story or that he is a liar.  How so, you ask?  First, he said that this was a lone act of an individual.  I heard shortly after he spoke that Al-Qaeda claimed credit for this botched attempt.  And that there are, at-least causal, links to the Foot Hood shooter.  And that two of the Al-Qaeda members who worked with “Captain Underpants” are former Guantanamo detainees.  I do not know when they were released, but I will assume that it happened under President Bush.  I like to give benefit of the doubt when I can.

So, if I heard all of that shortly after the President spoke, he HAD to know that by the time he spoke.  This is where I do not give benefit of the doubt.  He has resources and this is his job.

Then his repeated use of alleged.  Allegedly set fire to explosives.  No Mr. President, he DID set fire to explosives.  Not an allegation, it is a fact, sir.

And then, here is the icing on the cake for me, Obama Administration officials, while discussing the list of 500,000 names that “Captain Underpants” was on, pointed out that the list began under the Bush Administration.  First, DUH!  We didn’t get serious about terrorism until 11 September 2001, so it HAD to start under the Bush Administration.

So, what was to be gained by saying that, especially when they were not prompted to bring it up?

President Obama has been in office for nearly a year.  He gives himself a B+ so far in his Presidency.  I doubt many Democrats, those who think for themselves at least, would grade him that highly.  To be honest, I’d give him a C- and I will explain it later.  But part of why I downgrade Barry O is because he has YET to “Man Up” on much.

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton did point things back to their predecessors at times.  This guy does it ALL the time.  He is not responsible for anything, just ask him.

The response of President Obama and his team to the attempted airplane bombing in Detroit is a big failure.  What should happen now, and I think it is to a point, is a re-evaluation of the procedures that allowed this fool on an airplane bound for the United States in the first place.

But they had to point fingers first.

Sad.  But worse yet, dangerous.
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  • Dec 29th 200913:12
    by Shaby Kaderi

    No, I disagree with your sentiment- and not because I’m an Obama fan. cuz I’m not. Every president has blamed his predecessors..a lot.

    I think to blame Obama for this idiot is ridiculous. This terrorist is a direct result of foreign U.S. policies for DECADES. And to re-evaluate boarding procedures to make us safer just sickens me. We don’t need more and stricter guidelines to get on a damn plane. We didn’t have them before 9/11 and our rate of plane terrorism acts isn’t any better and it wasn’t bad then. Americans need to stop living in fear and just learn to start living with common sense.

  • Dec 29th 200913:12
    by Administrator


    You missed my point. I am not blaming Obama for this guy. Not at all….and if you read that into my comments, sorry, but I don’t see how you got there.

    I am pointing out that Obama never takes responsibility for ANY of his failings. The system failed, he blames Bush. Everytime. It is tired, it is old. Yes Bush did it, yes Clinton did it, but not to the same degree. Not even close.

    And his response was late, weak and wrong. It was NOT an isolated individual, it was a plan. He did not allegedly set fire to explosives, he did, in fact, set fire to explosives.

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