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TTU Football – Thoughts from a columnist, and then a blogger

I don’t how many of you know who Jason Whitlock is.  He is a sports columnist with the Kansas City Star, has been on ESPN as a regular contributor in the past and had a radio show on two different sports radio stations in Kansas City.

Some like him, some think he is a jerk.  Well, this column, about the situation at Texas Tech, caught my attention.


I am sort of mixed on my feelings toward Whitlock.  I have met him and I have been around him on a few occasions.  But in this case, I think he is dead on correct.

When Mike Leach was suspended, I heard the allegations and I didn’t understand the connections that Craig James was trying to make between discipline and a concussion.  Leach’s actions show him to be a bully.  Unfortunately, that is common in football.  I had a coach who was a bully, an example being how he would grab guys by their facemasks and pull them around.  It happened to me, more than once.  That is why I think Dennis Thome is one of the biggest assholes on the earth.  And it why I have low tolerance for bullies.  Especially when I witnessed it to my own son this fall.  (I made sure that the school principal and the district’s head football coach were aware of it.)

I will say this, I have never met Craig James, but I do not care for him.  I think he is a bombastic and very arrogant jerk who shows no remorse for his role in putting Southern Methodist University on its “Death Penalty” by the NCAA.  I know he was never implicated, but he was there and he HAD to know something.  I also don’t think he has much to contribute as an analyst.

That leads me to this, I have little doubt that the stories of Adam James arrogance, cockiness and laziness, as asserted by his teammates and TTU assistant coaches are true.  And I have little doubt that Adam James needed to be disciplined. 

But no matter how badly Adam James needed an attitude adjustment, he didn’t need to be bullied by his coach.  And Adam’s father didn’t need to go public with this situation.

I agree with Jason Whitlock, and I hope you read the article….I put these links in for a reason, the only responsible adults in this situation are the Texas Tech University administrators who ended it.

Adam James needs to grow up.  Craig James needs to shut up.  And Mike Leach needs to man up.

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