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The misfortune of one brings out the worst in others…NOT surprised

Yesterday, the godfather of talk radio, the revitalizer of the Amplitute Modulation band (AM, for the rest of you) and conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh was hopitalized with chest pains.

I have always enjoyed Rush Limbaugh, not for what he says and believes, but for how he presents it.  Now, I admit, I agree with a lot of what he says, because he IS RIGHT, but it is the presentation that I have always enjoyed.

And yes, Rush Limbaugh inspired me to pursue a career that really didn’t exist when I was a child.  I achieved that goal and was successful.  [The short-sightedness of my most recent former employer is what derailed my radio career.  Letting someone go, someone who is bringing in 8 to 10 TIMES his income in revenue, in my cicumstances was just a stupid business decision.]

Anyhow, all of that said, when news broke of his hospitalization, the vitriol from those on the Left came out.

Fellow blogger Brian Maloney has compiled some fine examples.  Here is the link:


I have no respect for these sub-human individuals.  However, this is not isolated.  I went to the Huffington Post, out of curiosity, and commenters there were urging others NOT to say what is on their minds because it would only give more ammo to Bill O’Reilly.

They are right.  They need to shut up, but more so, they need to rethink their lives and beliefs.

One person at Brian Maloney’s site “The Radio Equalizer” made a very interesting statement.  They compared the vile actions of many on the left to the dancing in the streets in the Middle East after the attacks on 11 September 2001.  Noting the difference being that there is just one Rush Limbaugh.

How true.

I openly admit that I have NO respect for Barack Obama the man, but I do respect his office.  That said, I do not wish him any personal harm and I do wish the best for his family.  I just know that he is not bright enough and not decisive enough to lead our nation.  So, I do not respect him, personally.  And I think he has the potential to be a great ex-President, starting on 20 January 2013, unless he resigns sooner realizing that he is in over his head.  Not that I want a President Biden, that is a man that I actually have less respect for.

But again, I wish neither of them, nor their families any harm.  I actually feel conflicted when I do wish harm on truly awful people in this world, Usama Bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Robert Mugabe, FU Gators and ucla bruins.  But they are all really deserving of bad things.  [The last two are a joke...kind of.]

If you do not like Rush Limbaugh, there is a solution.  George Carlin, hardly a conservative, gave us this.  There are two main controls on a television and a radio.  One, controls the volume.  The other, changes the channel/station.

Tune out.

If you can’t do that, then accept the fact that you are a bad person.  And if you are a bad person, why do I know you and why are you reading my blog.  I hope that it is because you are seeking personal growth and redemption.  If not, let me just add you to the list a couple of paragraphs up.

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  • Dec 31st 200911:12
    by Joe M.D.

    Good blurb, I enjoyed that take on it.

  • Dec 31st 200911:12
    by Topher

    Pick any celebrity and with a quick Google search you can find dozens of people who wish them ill. If any celebrity gets sick, there is a certain percentage of the population that doesn’t particularly care if they recover. Do I wish ill on Mr. Limbaugh? No. But do I wish him well? Not really.

    The problem with Rush Limbaugh is that his words do affect the lives of people who don’t listen to him. I think that he is largely responsible for the Republican Party going from Reagan’s Big Tent to an exclusionary and often severely misguided conservative organization. Would the world be a better place without him rallying these zealots five days a week? Possibly. I do know that the U.S. hasn’t had a centrist President since Reagan, and there’s little hope of getting one in the future. Rush, Hannity and O’Reilly will keep the religious right firmly in control of the Republicans, while the Hollywood liberal elite will keep the left in control of the Democrats. So what we get is fighting instead of good leadership, and the majority of us who agree with the left on some issues and the right on others are left without effective representation.

    So, if 42% of TMZ readers don’t wish him well, I can’t say I blame them, but not wishing him well is not the same as wishing him ill.

  • Dec 31st 200911:12
    by Administrator


    I was referring to the many comments that were essentially asking for his death. That is sick. “Die Rush” and stuff like that is WRONG. Period.

    Not wishing him well or showing indifference is fine. No problem there.

    As for the “power” of Rush Limbaugh, please. I will stick with Tom Sullivan, former fill-in host for Rush and host of his own drive time show, talk radio is not that influential because it is hard for 14 percent of the population to drive the other 86 percent. If so, Bill Clinton would only have been Arkansas governor.

    You give him too much credit. The left uses him as a whipping boy. The media misquotes him. The NFL disparages him.

    He is an entertainer. I was an entertainer. I like how he presents things, with humor to add impact. That is what I like best and when I had my most impact.

    I think placing blame on one man for the state of politcs today is a hell of a reach. In the case of Limbaugh, timing of his rise is the only way to give him credit/blame.

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