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The Promotion of Mediocrity

If you have been awake, and judging by the actions of Congress, they hope you aren’t…..well, if you have been awake, you may have heard the following names mentioned by centrist or right leaning talk show hosts, politicians or pundits.

Saul Alinsky

Richard Cloward

Frances Fox Piven

If you haven’t heard those names, you really need to educate yourself.  These are the people that wrote the playbook and game plan that the “Progressives” are currently playing from.  Alinsky and Cloward are both dead, but it seems that, like Obi Won Kenobi, that only made them more powerful.  Piven is still alive.

First up, Saul Alinsky.  Barack Obama, remember him, current President of the United States, learned and later taught Saul Alinsky’s methods of Community Organizing.  To some of you, you probably think this is great.  But do you know what Alinsky was looking for?  More on that in a second.

Next we have Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.  You have to keep those two together because they developed the “Cloward-Piven strategy” while at Columbia University’s School of Social Work.  The Cloward-Piven strategy, published in “The Nation” back in 1966, put forth the theory that people who were eligible for government benefits were not receiving them.  They pushed for a drive to get those people to apply for and accept these benefits.

The goal of Cloward-Piven strategy was to have the run on the government for benefits to force the Federal Government, via the Democratic Party who held both houses of Congress and the White House, to enact legislation creating a guaranteed national income.

Alinsky liked this idea too.

Now if you think this is a good idea, I am worried about your ability to see the effect of such actions.

Simply put, this promotes mediocrity.  This removes the incentive to be individually successful.  This is a giant step toward Communism.

Again, as I used to say on the radio show, do NOT take my word for it, do your own research.  My job here is to make you think.  I want you to question your preconceived ideas about how things work and be sure that you are comprehending what is actually happening in the world around you.

Think about this.  If you don’t have to get out of bed in the morning and go to work in order to have your mortgage/rent and all your utilities paid, then why would you do so?  Because you are not a bum?

Well, this is not how most people are. 

I am all for effective and efficient welfare programs to help people who need help.  But those programs need to have an end date.

Why is it that we have a President and Congress who want to have an end date for a military action, and in doing so showing the enemies of our nation when they can act up again, but it is NOT acceptable to have an end to welfare benefits to motivate people to pull themselves up from poverty.

Explain this to me in a way that I can understand and then I my finally understand bleeding heart liberalism.  But since you can’t, I can only look at this for what it is.

This is EVIL Progressivism (redundant, I know).  This is taking the responsibility of the individual and throwing it away. 

It is a means of penalizing those who strive for and achieve success.  I strive for, but have yet to achieve.

Soon, I may not have to.  Because the far left, the evil Progressives, will have succeeded in making their goal.  That goal……

The Promotion of Mediocrity

Do you want this?

If not, go back and re-read this. 


It truly is time.

No offense to other demoninations, but this is a cool thing from a Catholic Priest

For years, in many states at least, Roman Catholic churches have raised money for their parishes or diocese by having Bingo games.  Not in Tennessee where I went through RCIA and Confirmation, but in many states.

Well, this from South Carolina, as found on St. Louis Post Dispatch’s website:


This feeds in to the speech that I gave in college (Fall 2001) about legalizing gambling.  I did get the opinions of two priests and a bishop to back me up.  They all said, in moderation as entertainment, there is no harm.

Well, in this case, the priest intended to donate his winnings.  So yeah, it was more than entertainment.  And he did NOT use funds from his parish or diocese to fund his play.

So, sorry to the more judgemental denominations out there, but this is cool.

So, does this mean Aerosmith will reunite? Or did they ever break up?

Steven Tyler is entered rehab.  Again. 

From People Weekly:


Now this explains some of the odd, unless you follow Van Halen, behavior surrounding Aerosmith and their status as a current or past rock band.

This year, Guitar Hero Aerosmith came out and that should have led to a great tour for the band.  Well, that was cut short because Steven Tyler fell off the stage and go hurt.  That’s what he gets for…wait…wait….Living on the Edge. 

I have never seen Aerosmith in concert, but I have seen the band.  In fact, I have seen more of Steven Tyler than most, but that is another story that some of you may know.  [Airport at Americana Lake Geneva Resort in 1990 or 1991]  But I have been a fan since high school.  I think “Dream On” is possibly the greatest classic rock song of all time.  I would love to see them in concert sometime.

Maybe when Steven gets straightened out, this can happen.

For now, the rest of the band wants to move on…..but as what?  Can Aerosmith exist with out Steven Tyler as vocalist?  Maybe, but who do you plug in to replace him?

I liked Van Halen with David Lee Roth and the reinvented version with Sammy Hagar.  Different sounds and I consider them different bands because of it…though I never called them the stupid name than many others did.  But Gary Cherone….never.

I understand that Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer want to move on.  Hopefully, they are able to do so with Steven, once he gets straightened out.  But if not, I will given them a shot in whatever entity they become.  But I will consider them a new band….even if they keep the same name.  They are the majority, so they are entitled.

Apple iTunes

Something lighter for the Holidays

The last entry was serious. Very serious.

Time for something much lighter.


Merry Christmas!!

It is time.

“ Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. –Such has been the patient sufferance of these colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former systems of government.” – Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen United States of America

It is time.

I hope it can be done peacefully. 

Yes, I am serious.  I would say, deadly serious.  But I really do not want to see any lives lost.

Imprisonment?  Yes, I can give you a long list of those who need to be imprisioned.  Many of them hold elected or appointed office in the strong central government that our Founding Fathers never intended us to have.

It is time.

The values that our Founding Fathers held were not perfect.  Restricting citizenship, therefore voting rights, from women and enslaved minority groups was certainly wrong.  But overall, the Constitution of the United States has been a very good blue print.

I am proposing that we hold a Constitutional Convention.  We do not allow ANYONE who has held elected political office to participate.  They have been the problem, even if they have simply been the elected Director of Canine Services in a community of 1000 citizens.  We need concerned lay people to be the ones who push this forward.

And offer up a cleaned up version of the current Constitution, with a few changes.

Set the rules for Congress in a clear and concrete way that cannot be bastardized by the future occupants of that body.  Include specific and clear anti-earmark provisions in the Consitution.

Clear up the rights in the Bill of Rights so that they cannot be bastardized by future courts.  Activist judges WILL always exist, so the new Constitution must be designed to minimize their ability to act.

First Amendement needs to remain, but I would separate the five rights in to five distinct part and put in in a Bill of Rights that is part of the core document.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting or prescribing the free exercise their of, nor shall Congress make a law respecting the rights of those who chose to practice no religion.

Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the media, either in print or electronic form.

Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people to peacably assemble.

Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people to petition the Governmeent for a redress of grievences.

Again, this is NOT to be an Amendment, this it to be part of the body of the new Constitution.

Same goes with the current Second Amendment.  It would be part of the body of the new Constitution and it would be clarified.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, as noted in the Revolution of 2010, the right of the peopple to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.  In fact, it is encouraged that all adult citizens own and are proficient in the operation of their personal weapons.

And I could go on, and on.

Thomas Jefferson was in favor of a Constitutional Convention on a regular basis.  I believe that the Constitution is the single most important document to all secular American citizens.  I keep a copy in my desk at work and in my night stand at home.  I have read it dozens of times.  And I respect it.

And it is with that respect that it actually hurts that I propose scrapping it.

But Congress, the Executive and Judicial Branches already have.

We the People need to act.  We the People need to show that we have had enough.

There have been enough abuses and usurpations, from both sides of the political aisle.  We the People are the ONLY ones who can fix it. 

We the People need to act.

The Constitution begins with We The People, not We the government.  Remember that.  And that should NEVER, EVER, CHANGE.

My HOPE is that we can make the other CHANGES.

It is time.

Sanofi-Aventis, Apply Directly to the Forehead


Used to be a client of mine back when I was with CompUSA in Knoxville.  Interesting purchase.

World of Watches

Hey A**hole, you are not that important, wait like the rest of us!!!

I take Alex and Ben to school most every morning.  At Thomas Jefferson Middle School, the drop off spot is on the side of the building.  The cars line up and wait their turns until we get in front of the door and then we drop our children off.  It is a safe thing to do.

But some people THINK they are too damned important to wait.  They pull to the left of the line and drop their children off, making the children have to weave between the other cars, the cars with responsible and safety-minded drivers.  Hopefully, those other drivers are safety-minded and not like those children’s parents.  Otherwise, they could get hurt.

This is a safety thing folks.  If you are worried about being late, there are a few things that you can do.  FIRST, LEAVE FOR SCHOOL AND WORK EARLIER!!!!!!

Second, let the children take the bus.

Third, find a responsible adult who lacks your self-important arrogance to take the children to school.

You are NOT that important.  And if this applies to you, you are an A**hole….learn to change your ways.

You have been called out.


Ethical dilema…did I do the right thing?

This afternoon I went to Target on my lunch break to pick up a few items for home and at work.  It is snowing here in Jefferson City, but not terribly windy nor cold.  So I parked near the back of the parking lot.

Getting out of the car, I noticed a quarter.  Specifically, it was a South Dakota quarter..from 2006, I think.  No one was nearby and no cars were that close either.  So, I picked it up and looked around for other people as I walked in to Target.

I could have kept the quarter, but I didn’t.  But I didn’t give it back to its rightful owner.  I have no idea who that is and I never will.

Target does not allow Salvation Army bell-ringers at their stores.  What you MAY not know is that Target donates a percentage of their holiday receipts to the Salvation Army instead….and has since they stopped letting the bell-ringers hangout at their stores.  A win-win.

Anyhow, I drove to a Schnucks grocery store, because I will NOT go to Walmart, especially after hearing how they are SCREWING over people sending packages to the troops, to find a Red Kettle.  And I put the quarter in the Salvation Army Red Kettle, along with the rest of my pocket change.

Was this the ethical thing to do?

I am honestly not sure.  I do not think it is right for ANYONE to give away other people’s stuff.  But keeping something that is not mine does not sit well with me.

What do you think?

Cigana eCigarettes are a Healthier Alternative

Sometimes the failure of others is good for everyone.

President Obama preached to the choir in Copenhagen today. 


Junk science by junk scientists.  Oh, and when I hit on this topic, the best response that I got accused me of calling names and not being a scientist.  Guess what, I never claimed to be a scientist.  And the only name calling in that post was a general statement about zealots and zealotry.  And that is what these man-caused global warming propagandists are.

Copenhagen is a failure. 

This is good.

From Voice of America:


Now, back closer to home, lets hope that Cap and Tax (which is an honest name) and Health INSURANCE Reform fail.

Cap and Tax is a move to take more of your money and convert it to a new form of currency called Carbon Credits.  And this at a time when people don’t know what their money is based on anyway, since it is not on the gold-standard.  This is the work of Harry Houdini folks, maybe Penn and Teller can sort this out.

Health INSURANCE Reform is something else you need to hope fails.  Why?  This is the simplest way that I can answer this.  What is INSURANCE?  In its simplest form, insurance is gambling.  The Insurance providers are betting that you don’t get sick, hurt, etc.  You are betting that you will.  Premiums are based upon the risk.

So, insurance companies are legalized bookies….follow me here.  If you are Western Kentucky and you are going to play Alabama in football in 2009, you will get high payouts on a Western Kentucky win because the odds-makers/bookies know that Alabama is a safe bet. 

BUT, if the bookie is forced to take all bets on Alabama, straight up, and payout when the Crimson Tide wins, the bookie goes broke.  Period.

The bookie covers his bets by offering those high payouts on Western Kentucky getting the upset to entice bettors to take that side.  And the bookie may only take bets based on a point spread.  If you take Alabama and give 45 points, or WKU and take the points, the money evens out on the game.

What Congress and the President are wanting to do, is force all the of the insurance companies to take on all the folks who want Alabama to win, straight up.

How will that cut costs on health care?

It won’t.  That is why the failure of this bill is good for everyone.

Get back to the issues.

Global Warming may be a problem, but don’t use junk science to place blame.  I used CFL’s, our Christmas lights outside are LED’s, and we keep the thermostat low in the winter and high in the summer.  This is responsible use of resources, prompted by saving money.  We recycle because it is convenient and responsible for us now.  Making me pay more, arbitrarily, because they CAN is punative.  Hope that bill dies a very painful death.

That ties the two issues together.  Now for the third.  Health CARE Reform.  Attack the issues with HEALTH, not with INSURANCE.  Encourage people to become more active.  Going to a gym and riding a stationary bike or getting on an elipical or treadmill bores the HELL out of those of us with ADHD.  Get me involved in a volleyball game, flag football, kickball, dodgeball, waterpolo, whatever and I will be a healthier person.  Make the experience of going to a doctor more positive and pleasurable, not a big time SUCK and annoyance.

Simply put, make getting and being healthy a FUN experience and people will become healthier.

Best practices at health care facilities to prevent other from getting sick from the ones who are already sick. 

The answers can be simple.  Killing an industry is NOT the way to go about it.

Mandating health insurance is stupid.  Health is a right, unlike driving, which is a privilege. 

Do you understand why these issues SHOULD fail? 

So, what are you going to do about it?

I wanna win, but here is your chance too.

And Crave is a pretty good blog for those who love gadgets and technology.


I still want a 47-50″ for the living room and a 42-47″ for the family room (basement) and a 42″ for the bedroom.  But, if I win, this will go in the bedroom.

And if you don’t win, maybe the banner below could be of help.