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What do YOU make of this? What is the point?

The paranoid among us want to read “Martial Law” into this.


The Executive Order itself.


I hope the paranoids are wrong.

But as I have said before, it is not liberals that scare me.  They just know so much that isn’t so.  It is the “Progressives” who scare the hell out of me.  President Obama is one, or is having his puppet strings pulled by them.  They want you and I to be dependent on a government that they control.

Is this a step toward that, under the guise of looking out to protect the people?  Maybe, because we all know how effective more layers of bureaucracy is in protecting the American people.

Again, I hope the paranoids are wrong.  But I am not so sure.  President Obama MAY just be out to get us.

Got to go.  Some men in suits are knocking on my front door.

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