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One Year Later, what President Obama SHOULD now do

One year ago, Barack Obama was sworn in to much fanfare in Washington, DC.  My reaction was that this was finally an accomplishment for his resume.

After being interested and excited about his candidacy, I quickly soured on him.  It was not until I had cast my ballot for him in the Missouri Primary.  Admittedly, it was an anti-Hillary vote, but I thought, briefly, that Barack Obama was a decent a respectable man.

His ties to people like William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and most importantly Rahm Emanuel soured me quickly.

The inept cabinet that he assembled upon being elected President gave me less hope for change.  It was more of the same as usual.  Worse yet, it was the crooked politcal machine from Chicago that would now run our country.

Now, many this morning are celebrating a Republican victory in Massachusetts.  Scott Brown will be the next person to hold Teddy Kennedy’s seat.  And Republicans and independents think that they have their check against the Progressives with Brown’s win.

I hope they are right, but I fear that they are wrong.

So, that is for Congress to determine.  When the Republicans held power, there was talk of a “nuclear option” to keep power.  They never pulled that trigger.

Had they, the public might have turned on them.  Oh, wait…..they did anyway.  I think it would have been worse, but that is just my viewpoint and many will disagree.

That may be what keeps the Democrats in the Senate from doing the same thing.  And the people will turn on them anyway.  But, there is a chance to rebound…like the Republicans hope will happen this fall.

So, what about President Obama?  What should he do now?

First, he needs to realize that he is NOT popular anymore.  His popularity has falled in the first year in office faster than any President in the last sixty years.  Even Jimmy Carter didn’t fall this fast.  And he needs to realize that this is NOT a racial thing. 

Second, he needs to dump several key people.  Rahm Emanuel is first.  The man is overly political, to a fault.  Simply put, Rahm Emanuel is a BAD person.  This is a man, who while working for President Bill Clinton, told UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, “Don’t fuck this up!”  Classy, huh?  But that lack of class is just one thing, he is just an evil political operative.  He makes Karl Rove look like he plays tee-ball. 

Beyond Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod needs to go.  I don’t think Axelrod is evil like Emanuel, but he seems almost inept now.  But he needs to get rid of a LOT of his National Security team…starting with Janet Napolitano.  But don’t end it there.  President Obama needs to show the American people that he is serious about protecting us.

Which leads us to the third thing President Obama should do.  Remove the Executive Branch’s extensive layers of bureaucracy in the area of National Security, admit that President Bush before him didn’t do and illustrate that Presidents Roosevelt through Clinton exacerbated the problem.  De-politicize things.

That is a tall order.  But doing so, for the good of the protection of the American people, would be a major step toward showing the American people that he IS what he pretended to be during the campaign.  A post-political and post-racial President.

He made another blunder last week, one that got little attention.  I noted it an a previous blog entry…the Executive Order he issued last week establishing a Council of Governors.


That did just the opposite.  It added, as a minimum, another layer of bureaucracy.

So, he will do NONE of this.  President Obama is either too arrogant, or too far in denial, to admit that what he is doing is wrong.

It will be what makes Barack Obama the next Jimmy Carter.

Unless the Republicans nominate another horrible candidate, like Bob Dole or John McCain.

I could be wrong.  But I doubt it.  For now, we have to just wait to see what happens…..and how much damage the Progressives try to inflict on us while they still can.

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  • Jan 20th 201007:01
    by Gary Wellner

    Don’t think your wrong, I think you pounded the nail in the head. There is quite a bit more you could add but I don’t think he is capapble of tying his
    own shoes because he is so far
    out of touch.

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