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The Mission begins…

Obviously, to those who have known me for a while, my health is NOT the greatest.  Yes, I am overweight.  And that has been the cause of most of my health related problems.  So the first step should be a diet, right?

Well, I have trouble with that.  Now, don’t misunderstand me.  I have dieted and I have done so with success.  But not long term.  Several years ago, I did a diet with corresponding radio ads to keep me in check.  Well, like many others, it didn’t take.  I didn’t learn any “good habits” for the long term.  So, back to the drawing board.

I have a new idea.  But I need to figure out how to do it. 

The idea is to increase my activity levels.  But the idea of getting on an elipitcal for a hour a day just doesn’t work for someone with ADHD.  What does work is something more interactive.  So, you are thinking Wii Fit.  Yeah….running in front of a TV isn’t working either.  Yeah, I tried a bit…..probably not enough.  Got bored.

Back in November, I started playing Volleyball again.  And we started having practices too.  THAT helped.  There was a point to it.  First, to get better and second, to win.

Well, winning has not come easily.  I have played in one game, in six matches of three games each, where we won.  But, I feel that I have improved.  I made a few moves this week that involved me stretching out my body and ending up on the floor.  For someone as stiff as I have been, this is quite a success.

So, I think I need to get involved in more activities like this.  Playing catch with the boys has been fun, but despite my prompting, they don’t seem that interested.  And right now, with a yard that I sink about four inches deep in, it is not a realistic activity.  Alex and I threw a baseball against the brick wall back at each other.  That was fun and I broke a good sweat.

The upside to this mentality is to get me focused on getting off my ass and doing something.  Doing that will set an example for Alex and Ben.  Kathleen has been a great example, but having a second one will help them as well.

But, as much as I hate running, I will have to do it.  I committed myself to the 5K in late April up in Kansas City.  So, I will start with walking….and a faster pace as I go forward.  Then I will commit further by buying shoes next month.  I can walk just fine in basketball shoes, running is a bit more challenging.

And I noticed that when I get more active, I actually eat better.  So, there comes the diet.

For now, back to my coffee…and back to work.

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  • Jan 22nd 201011:01
    by Kathleen

    Not everyone is cut out for being on machines – the feeling of you are not really going anywhere has its issues. I enjoy the eliptical as I am able to watch “my shows” while breaking a sweat.

    April will be here before we know it. Perhaps we need to head out to the greenways and put some miles in – starting off slow of course not to risk any injuries.

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