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Yes, it IS terrorism.

I got in a little hot water a few years back when I responded to an e-mail that I received from PETA.  I let them know that they were as welcome to appear on any show that I host as would Al-Qaeda.  I told them that the actions of their members, on behalf of their idiotic causes, was terrorism.

Then, I read the letter on the air.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  The ONLY response to the contrary was from a usual suspect.  This was the same pinhead who wanted to discuss legalizing marijuana when I had a guest from a parent/student organization for promoting drug-free youth activities.  She wanted to take over my show and I would not let her.

Any how….now this story from out neighbors to the North.  No, not Iowa.  Further North.


How do you see it?  An individual was terrorized, therefore this is terrorism.  Agree or Disagree?

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