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Never been a fan, but….

I have never been a fan of Tim Tebow.  A lot of it has to do with his association with a horrible institution in the a state that has residents too stupid to know how to operate voting machines.  But, I just don’t like the style of quarterback that he is…..I like a passer who can get out of a jam.  Not a guy who is looking to run first. 

That is why I never enjoyed watching Michael Vick.  And why I didn’t think much of Brett Favre early in his career.  It always looks like a “panic first” style of play.

That is why I always liked Joe Montana.  Joe Cool was joking in the huddles while orchestrating those many fourth quarter comebacks. 

Same with Peyton Manning, calculating and determined, never panicky.

OK, so there it is.

Many don’t like the “preachy” and “in your face” nature of Tim Tebow and his faith.  I can see where that is annoying, but it is his right to express himself…even if it is in a less desireable venue.

Now, I am completely on his side.

CBS agreed to air an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl.  This is NOT because I am a strong pro-life person.  To me, that is an issue that has drawn WAY TOO much attention over the years as compared to the daily impact of the issue.

But for Tim Tebow, this IS something that has a daily impact. 

The ad, featuring Tebow and his mother, talks of the time when his mother was with her husband as missionaries in Philippines.  She was advised that her high risk pregancy was both dangerous for her and her child and that the best, most sensible thing to do was to have an abortion.

She didn’t have the abortion and Tim Tebow was born.


Tim Tebow has a VERY strong opinion on this issue.  I think that he SHOULD.  And if I was Tim Tebow and I had this strong view, I would be as “in your face” on it as I possibly can.

Of course, NOW, the National Organization of Hypocritical Liberal & Progressive Women, is crying foul. 

Why?  Mrs. Tebow had a CHOICE, right?  Just because she CHOSE against what THEY would want, they want to pull the plug on the TV ad.

For the first time ever, I will openly admit that I support Tim Tebow.  Not over the content of his arguement, but over his right to air it.

Some, like NOW and other hypocritical feminist groups, think that CBS shouldn’t allow an ad like this run during the Super Bowl.  Well, I disagree.  Tim Tebow, like his style of play or not, won a Heisman Trophy and two BCS National Championships for the FU Gators.  Showing this ad during the biggest football game of the year makes the most sense.

And if they don’t like it, they can dig in to THEIR pockets and pay to run their own ad.

Last I checked, despite the wishes of Congress and the White House, this is STILL a capitalist society.  And if Progressives HOPE to CHANGE that, they need to play the game and pay up.


Since I am a capitalist, clicking on these ads and buying something could help me and my family.  Thank you for reading and buying.

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