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Hype, or will iPad be the new hot gadget?

The way I see it, P.T. Barnum is often proven right.  There is a sucker born every minute.  Proof?  Look at the ratings for American IDull.  (And read my previous posting why watching the show makes you UN-patriotic!)

So, I heard about this thing that Steve Jobs introduced the other day called the iPad.  My first thought upon hearing the name was shock.  I couldn’t believe that Apple would want to compete with Stayfree and Always (with Wings).

But that sort of makes sense.  As the old joke goes, the little boy will want them because you can go horseback riding, to the beach, and lots of other fun things with it.

Really, the iPad is the merging of the Kindle with the iPod Touch/iPhone.

To this day, I don’t get the iPhone.  Not because it is not cool…it is.  But I don’t get the iPhone because the coverage where you can use the thing sucks.  Hell, when I was with Nextel (1999-2001), the forefathers of AT&T wireless had crappy/spotty coverage.  Nextel, as limited as we were back then, at least had smooth handoffs from tower to tower.  AT&T still has more drops than the outfield of the Washington Nationals.  (Or do you prefer passes of the Detroit Lions receivers corps?)

So, will the iPad be a success?  The short answer is, maybe. 

The MP3 player for personal music had been out for a while before the first iPod.  In this case, the Kindle has been the hot portable reading device for several years.  And it is, while not cheap, about half the price of the iPad.  (Not sure which is more absorbant…sorry, I can’t let that go yet. )

For $500 bucks, more if you want the 3G mobile network connectivity, it might be a return to 1983 for Apple.

Ever heard of Lisa?

Lisa is not a who, but a what.  Look it up.  Lisa was revolutionary and a failure.

iPad might be Lisa 2.0 if Apple can’t live up to the hype.

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  • Jan 29th 201013:01
    by Topher

    My Kindle weighs 11 ounces. The iSmug weighs 27. 11 ounces I can hold comfortably and read for hours. 27, not so much.

  • Jan 29th 201013:01
    by Administrator

    And I bet that the iPad screen causes more eye strain than the Kindle.

    Please refer people to this entry so they buy Kindles from me. Thanks.

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