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Eh….Yawn…. that was OK…. Well, the game was decent at least.

Super Bowl XLIV is now in the books.  New Orleans Saints are the Super Bowl Champions.  Congratulations!

I admit that I was pulling for the Colts.  As the AFC reprensentatives in the big game, they got my support.  That usually happens.  If the AFC is someone besides the Raiders, Broncos or Patriots, I pick them.  There might be an exception some years, but that is my general rule.

Two years ago, I barely watched the game and three years ago I was driving back to Jefferson City from Knoxville, so I listened on the radio.

But the draw to the game for a lot of non-football fans has been the ads.


My favorite was the Snickers ad with Betty White and Abe Vigoda. 

Bud Light has cute ads, but I wish they would dedicate that money to making beer.  Sorry, Dasani and Aquafina have more flavor than that stuff. 

The worst, the stupidest ads….those go to “Go Daddy”….Danica Patrick is over-exposed.  By the way, she took sixth in her stock car debut.  Yawn.  I find her as compelling as my dirty socks.  Unless they are my old socks, because those are more compelling due to the unique spots where I find holes.

Doritos, pretty good.

Denny’s, many liked them, but they did little for me.

The Budweiser Clydesdales?  Just plain dumb.  I guess you have to be from St. Louis or a fan of bad beer.

The Pam Tebow ad, with her son Tim, was tame.  But now the National Organization of Liberal & Progressive Hypocritical Women thinks that the ad glamorized violence on women.  Huh?  Reaching there girls?

So, there is my take.  What is your’s?  Comments are welcome and encouraged.


Now, for something that could help bring the sexiness that Go Daddy failed to deliver….

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