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Rep. Jack Murtha, ABSCAM co-conspirator and “King of Pork” dead at 77

I know, his body isn’t cold yet.  I should be better than the deceased, right. 

To hell with that.  Jack Murtha was a self-serving crook that the people of Pennsylvania chose to elect again and again.  Shame on them too.

Anyhow, the entry from CNN.com:


More taxpayer money was funded to Murtha’s district without a real need, while other districts suffered under his greed.  I guess one could argue that their congressman wasn’t as effective.  I would say, their congressman might be more honest.

ABSCAM, for those who don’t recall, was a cash for favors, including political asylum for a sheik (ficticious, as it turns out).  Murtha did turn down $50,000 on video tape.  But he kept quiet.  My guess is that he was hoping for more $$$.  But I do not know.

From Wikipedia:


But the worst thing Jack Murtha did was to disgrace his United States Marine Corps uniform.  How?  By presenting information AS FACT in some killings in Haditha, Iraq, accusing his fellow Marines as murderers. 

It turned out to be UNTRUE and Murtha NEVER apologized.

It is often said that we will be judged by our maker.  For John Murtha, the meeting has now been arranged.  Hope he enjoys his trip down.
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