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It only SEEMS longer…. reflecting on Sarah Palin

Two years ago this morning, I brought up the subject on the ole radio show about who John McCain should select as his running mate.  He has virtually secured the nomination to be the Republican nominee for President by that point.

So, I suggested that he should have a female running mate.  I also said that Barack Obama, if he won the nomination, should have a female running mate as well. 

I threw out several names for Senator McCain as maybes.  Then I swung for the fences.

I mentioned that McCain’s weaknesses were his age, his perception that he was not conservative enough and he has never held an chief executive position before.  The weekend before, I did some researching and I found someone who I thought would be a great counter to his negatives.

On Saturday, 9 February 2008, I asked a question in the forums at www.bernardgoldberg.com if anyone knew any thing about Alaska’s Governor.

That Monday, 11 February 2008, I brought her name up on the show.  I think I prounced it both PAL-in and PAY-lin because I didn’t know.  And I didn’t want to assume the pronunciation was the same as the Monty Python member.

Anyhow, I said THEN that she appeared to be a great match for the weaknesses of the ticket.  And I believe that she really was.

I know that the McCain campaign messed up big time in how they utilized her.

So, here we are two years after I suggested her as the running mate.  What do I think now?

Well, I am mixed.  The resigning of the Governor’s office this past summer struck me as odd, but I sort of understood it.  Understood based on her explanations.  And with Sarah Palin, I think you need to take her at her word and NOT on what the media says about her.

There is where the problem with Sarah Palin lies.  The progressive and hypocritical media has turned her in to some sort of marginalized dolt, while at the same time they fear her.  So…what is she?  Who is she?

Sarah Palin is a lot like me, except pretty, successful and female.

Here is what I mean.  She bounced between several colleges before she got her degree.  I bounced through three colleges, and four different enrollments, before I finally graduated.  She worked in sports broadcasting, so did I.

That may be where the comparisons end.  I never took part in a beauty pageant, only one possibly ill-advised “talent” show as a senior in high school.  I never worked in the commercial fishing business, just a duck processing plant.

But some of the values that she holds are things that me, and many others, find to match with what we believe.

Then I look at some of the things that have been happening lately and I find that I am less than inspired.  She was the keynote speaker at the Tea Party convention in Nashville last week.  While I have never attended a Tea Party rally, I respect the grass-roots effort of that group.  I hope they KEEP it grass-roots and do not become a third party.  I say this as an independent who wants the pressure to be put on the two existing parties to straighten out.

I do not find anything at Governor Palin does to be fresh and and compelling enough, right now at least, to think that she is a viable answer to Barack Obama in 2012.  Then again, I do not find any Republican to be a viable answer to Barack Obama.  A true third party candidate cannot win in 2012…at least not at this point.  Maybe that gives her time to build up her base and show that she is viable. 

Remember Ronald Reagan was also marginalized by many, including the media, up to and even after being elected as President. 

That said, I go back to what I wrote a while back.  And I mean no disrespect to Governor Palin, the best answer for taking our country back in 2012……

If you read it before you know who I am going to say…….

If you didn’t see it….here it goes.

Peyton Manning!!!

Intelligent.  Articulate.  Effective. Strong name recognition.  High positives.  Few negatives.

And, he will be 35 years old on 24 March 2011, he is a natural born United States citizen (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA) and has been a resident of the United States for at least fourteen years (a home in Tennessee since 1998, a condo in Indianapolis since 1998 as well, in Knoxville as a student back to 1994…..and in New Orleans before that…got that covered.)  THAT makes him qualified.

But would he take the pay cut?

All that said, I like Sarah Palin.  I am just not as excited about her as I was two years ago when I mentioned her name to the people of Mid-Missouri.

We have a couple of years to see what happens.  Who would have thought, besides me, that we would be talking about the former Governor of Alaska still today?


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  • Feb 11th 201013:02
    by Chad Harriss

    Why in the world would an apolitical figure like Manning want to inject himself into national politics?

    I’m not saying that he wouldn’t be a good candidate, but I am curious about why he’d have any desire to do so.

  • Feb 11th 201016:02
    by Administrator


    Two things. While his persona is apolitical, he has been making political donations for several years and all on the side that opposes the President. These things do come out over time.

    Second, could be ego. That drives a lot of people.

    I doubt he runs, but it would be cool to see how it plays if he did.


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