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Winter Olympic Games begin today….What is and what ISN’T a sport!

The Winter Olympics are a great exhibition of athletic competition in cold climates.  I love watching the Winter Olympics no matter how bad NBC and their networks cover it. 

Don’t get me wrong, to a sports junkie like me, I enjoy having several choices when it comes to watching the games.  But NBC reverts back to the 1970′s when it comes to prime time.  At least they have in the past, meaning that they only have programming on the Mothership during prime time.

And I HATE that because it means endless hours of that dreck known as Figure Skating or Ice Dancing.  More than 90 seconds of that crap and I start to heave.

The debacle of 2002 proved to me why those are not sports.  Nor is most of the “freestyle skiing” or “snowboarding” or any other sport, no matter the weather, where you have a human judge using some oddball scoring system.  That is what led to the problems in Salt Lake City eight years ago.

I am NOT saying that these are NOT athletes.  But SPORTS need to be determined by a scoring system that is obvious to a super-majority of the spectators.  Basketball, football, baseball all have this down.  Running nails it with timing, discus throwing with distance.  Figure skating USED to have it.  When skaters had to skate FIGURES.  Once that was dumped and the goofy outfits and odd makeup jobs took over, it ceased to be a sport.

My favorites during the Winter Olympic Games are the fastest events on ice.  Luge, skeleton and Bobsled!  The fastest time down the ice wins.  If in the luge, you flip over and get back on your sled and finish, it counts…unless a spectator or any other person assists.  Simple.  With bobsled, same thing except you cannot push the sled after the starting zone.

Hockey is solid.  Back during the Turin Games, I watched both Men’s and Women’s hockey during the day (I worked a split shift as a radio traffic reporter) on Universal Sports.  LOVED it.  I didn’t care if it was Canada taking on Poland or Russia playing Czech Republic.  I could follow the game, know who was good and who wasn’t.

Figure skating or ice dancing is nothing more than fools in idiotic looking outfits jumping and spinning to lame music.


Then again, people watch “American IDULL” and “The Bachelor” so they will enjoy this landfill quality content.

Freestyle skiing is fun to watch because of the spills.  But the post event interviews are not.  I have been around inarticluate college athletes who look like Peyton Manning after watching these dim bulbs.  Talented, sure.

Snowboarding is pretty much on par with freestyle.  Shaun White is the only articulate one of that bunch, as far as I can recall.

The other event that I really enjoy is Ski Jumping.  It looks so crazy, yet so serene.  While I would get in a bobsled, on a luge or skeleton sled, and I have put on both downhill and cross country skis, I could never ski jump.  If I ever tried, I would make the “agony of defeat” guy look graceful.

Then you have the athletes that I have a TON of respect for in the Winter Olympic Games.  The biathlete.  Biathlon combines cross country skiing and target shooting.  They ski at high rates of speed and then have to slow their heart rates down to hit the targets over several stops.  And they have their rifle on their back as they are skiing.  Impressive.

All of that said, if figure skaters and ice dancers were to stop mid-routine and hit a few targets with the rifles that they carry, that might interest me.  Otherwise…no.

Not happening.


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