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HELP!! Ideas, suggestions wanted!! Read on….

So here is what I am looking for….your ideas and suggestions. What for? First, the background.

Last year, my good friend Ethan Mayers came for a visit and he arrived on my 39th birthday. Starting that weekend the discussion came up that I needed to do something special for my 40th birthday. Especially, as both Ethan and Kathleen pointed out, I am fortunate enough to have my 40th birthday fall on a Saturday.

My 21st was on a Wednesday, and it was memorable. My 25th was memorable because we moved, literally across the hall, that day….a very pregnant doing a lot of it because she could get off of work that day (Luke Heimer and I did the heavy lifting that evening).

Since then, none of been memorable. Nor should they, really. Kind of anti-climatic once you are past the age of a “Chuck-E-Cheese” or “upchuck to cap off the night” age.

Looking back, my 20th birthday sticks in my mind as being memorable. We spent that night at Milwaukee County Stadium to witness Nolan Ryan get his 300th career victory.

So, I feel a little pressure on me. [Thanks Ethan....mind you he has joked about me being in my MID-40's for a while....and I still call him a friend....hmmm....]

Mind you, I am on a tight budget. After the events of 364 days ago, followed by six months of unemployment, we still will be this summer. Unless we win the Powerball or Mega Millions, that is.

OK, the date that I need to be ready for is just under six months away. So, start with your ideas now. Post them in the comments area or e-mail me (jay@jaykersting.com).

I am curious to see what you are able to come up with.

For me….I got nothing.
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WARNING: Strong Language follows. Quoting Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm Emanuel, a man that I have previously described as a being a BAD, BAD person, proves me right again.

Emanuel speaking to a group of his LIBERAL and PROGRESSIVE allies called them “fucking retarded” and “fucking retards” recently.

Classy Rahm, but I expect nothing less from him.

Now, Emanuel is apologizing.  From USA Today:


I actually find a little humor in this, but I will get to that in a bit.

The term “retarded” is about as politically correct as “Negro” is these days…unless you are the senior Senator from Nevada.  It is an outdated term that should be avoided, period.  Have I used the term, yes, but not for a long time.

At its core, the term retarded was first intended to describe those with mental handicaps by assigning a synonym with slow to them.  But, that is not necessarily accurate.  And the term became derogatory, as was the INTENT of Rahm Emanuel, so it has been suggested that the term be retired, just like “colored” has been.

But maybe we should give Rahm Emanuel as pass on this.  President Obama himself made a derogatory remark about Special Olympians on “The Tonight Show” a while back.  So, this is probably a sign of the attitude that is held in the White House. 

What more proof do you need?

Well, so Rahm Emanuel has apologized.  He apologized for being caught more than anything else.  We know what is in this man’s heart, assuming he has one.  Like I said, this is a VERY bad man. 

But look at the USA Today article again.  Who did Emanuel apologize to?

Think about THAT for a second.  Then think about who he did NOT apologize to.

That is what gave me a HUGE laugh.

Those crazy Catalonians…..


Neal Boortz has been talking about this yesterday and today.  He ordered two of the one at the bottom of the page.

Now, this is a sponsor that does not sell these little gems.  Sorry.

To the moon? Mars? Not with Obama. But…

President Obama scrapped Project Constellation.  For the time being at least.

From Voice of America:


Remember, Jimmy Carter scrapped the B-1 Lancer project and Ronald Reagan revived it.  So, it is possible that in 3 years are next President will revive it.

If that happens, the return to the moon and the innovations that could change our lives that go with it are three years further away.  The dreams of young people who MIGHT have been inspired by a revived space program have been shattered.  And, as a parent, that is NOT Change that I will ever believe in.

I put the blame on the George W. Bush Administration for not being bold enough when they proposed this return to the moon and on to Mars plan back in 2004.  In this case, blaming Bush might actually be fair.  Congress shares some of it, but Bush didn’t push the issue.

However, all of that said, I refer you to the words of someone credible on this issue.  When it comes to the “Been there, done that” with America’s space program, Buzz Aldrin is about the tops.  Back in the August 2009 issue of Popular Mechanics, Aldrin had this to say.


Partnerships with other, friendly, nations is a good means to get back to the moon.  But, as Aldrin says, we need to go beyond.

This is not some “Star Trek” or other science fiction motivated desire.  Hardly.  This is self-preservation.

While misguided, and sometimes STUPID, people like President Obama want to believe the biggest threat to our planet is ourselves, the real problems are out THERE and are not cause by human beings.



Gamma Ray Bursts.



Everyday, if you are awake, you hear reports in the news that debunk man-made global warming.  You hear, again…IF you are paying attention, to the fact that Albert Arnold Gore, Junior, is a human manure spreader.  A fear mongering fool who piles more on himself, and further exposes that he has no credibility.

Anyhow, back to the subject.  President Obama cuts NASA funding.  While, in general, I see this as a HUGE mistake, I think there could be an unintended consequence.  And this, if it happens, could be a GREAT thing.  Especially from a President who thinks that private industry is the enemy.

Apparently, there is a plan to open the facilities at Kennedy Space Center to private space companies. 

For someone like me who KNOWS that private industry, when allowed to, can do things better, faster and cheaper than the government can, this is GREAT news.  This could save thousands of jobs….in a real way, not with Joe Biden’s flawed mathematics.

Sir Richard Branson is a leader in space tourism, well outside of the Russian space program.  He wouldn’t need to use KSC, but his ventures could inspire others to head to the Space Coast.

If that was to happen, wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants. 

Life gave the American Space Program lemons.  Hopefully, the private sector can turn it into lemonade.

In honor of Groundhog Day, this from 2007…

One month on the job at News Talk 1240 KLIK, it was Groundhog Day.  News Anchor/Director Dean Morgan took part.


Comments are welcome.  It has been three years, I can take it.