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Let me be CRYSTAL clear…

Those who took the time to read, and hopefully comprehend, my last entry, thank you.  You may understand where I am coming from now.

But in case you missed it, and this is very likely, I want to be clear.

If you have an opinion that has been formulated on inaccurate information or incomplete information, I am suggesting that you obtain more information, open your mind, apply that information and determine your new opinion.

But, very few people do that.  And that is why I do not respect their opinions.

I do not respect the opinions of those who think that the United States government was behind the 9/11 attacks.  [The ignorance of this zealots has been exposed repeatedly.  Besides, I have no faith that there are enough competant people in government to have kept this secret.]

I do not respect the opinions of those who do not think that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen of this country.  [I do not care WHERE he was born, he was born of an American mother.  Just like John McCain.  That is enough for me.]

That is why I do not respect the views of ANYONE who thinks that this bill, signed on Tuesday by President Obama, is good for anyone.

First, as I have illustrated AD NAUSEUM, this does NOT address the causes of our problems.  In fact, it gives more power to the causes of the problems.  A reasonable person should come to the conclusion that this will make things worse.  But, as I am learning, these are not reasonable people.

Second, there are many parts of this bill, and for those of you who read it BEFORE it passed, you did not read the same bill, that are outside the scope of the Constitution.  Remember, and many of you have forgotten or never learned this, the Constitution is a document FROM the people giving CONSENT to be Governed, not the other way around.

To that part, Jon Dougherty addressed that in his recent blog entry:


Jon is a member of the Missouri National Guard who is currently serving in Afghanistan.  He is entitled to his words, and he is actually taking action to be sure that the rest of us can too.

Let me recap things here.  You can have your opinion.  You can have an opinion based on flawed information.  I will point out your ignorance, as expressed by your opinion.  I will not respect those flawed opinions.  That may lead me to have less respect for you.  [Not that you should care.]

But let me close with this thought.  Incomplete and inaccurate information can lead to poor planning or poor decisions.  Don’t think so?  Well, many of those who hold opinions that I do not respect are the very same people who called a previous administration “liars” for that administrations opinions based on incomplete and inaccurate information.

Maybe you want to admit to being a complete hypocrite.  I don’t, that is why I back things up with facts and detailed information. 

And so far, no one has taken on the facts that I have presented.  Only my opinion, even though it is on solid ground, unlike their own.

By the way, if you want to believe that giving “health insurance” to those who are unwilling to provide it to themselves is compassionate AND makes you a better person than me, how about backing it up.  Buy some health insurance for those who don’t have it out or your own damned pockets and don’t FORCE me, under threat of my personal liberty, to do so.  Then MAYBE you would be a better person.  But until you do so, you remain a hypocrite.

If you are OK with that, fine.  Again, I am not.

A house on a bad foundation WILL collapse.

I have heard many arguments lately in favor of this health insurance bill. 

Some claim that we OWE this to our citizens.

Others claim this is what a compassionate country would do.

Still others make various arguments based on various beliefs and usually pull out some anecdotal sob story to support their argument.

I dismiss all of them and for a very good reason.

They are all based on fallacies.

I made some rather inflammatory statements on Facebook.  That is my outlet these days, but I have no regrets over what I have had to say.  I threw the word “Ignorant” and its variants arount rather freely.  And I used it to describe some educated people.  Sadly, they are NOT educated when it comes to this issue, rather they are ruled by their emotions.

And emotions lead to irrationality.  These folks proved it once again. 

I am not to persuade anyone to change their minds on this issue.  I wish that they would find it important enough to become informed on the issue.  If they did so, they would see the fault in their own arguments.  And that would lead to one of two things.  First, they would solidify their stance based on a solid, logical, legal and sensible foundation.  And while I would disagree, I could then have an intellectual respect for them.  Or the second option, they would realize that they were irrational, illogical, ignoring the laws of the land and were not even close to anything being sensible and while in their hearts they still feel that the providing for the people would be nice, it is just something that cannot be done.

I do not expect either of those to happen.  Why?

For years, going back to at least 2006, I have directed everyone to the root causes of the health care costs problems that this country faces.  If you want a refresher, here it is.

First, in 1943, the Internal Revenue Code was changed to allow companies to offer heath care/health insurance as a benefit to employees.  This was a war-time measure and the intent was to keep employees who might otherwise jump to higher paying jobs, due to wage freezes preventing employers from giving raises to their existing employees.  It made sense.  But it should have been scrapped when the war ended.

Same goes for income tax withholding.  But that is another issue.

What did this change do TO the American people?  The first thing that it did was it kept people from SHOPPING for the best deal.  People spend days, weeks or even months researching the best deal on their new dishwasher, car or furniture.  But when was the last time you price shopped your health care providers, aside from prescription drug deals?  Most of you NEVER have.  I know that I haven’t.  But I do look for the best deal on everything else in my life.  Just not ON my life.

Does THIS make sense?

So, when no one pushes the issue of competition, why should health care providers care about their pricing?  And that is what gets is $10 pacifiers and $5 aspirin tablets.

Then came the “War on Poverty” under the Lyndon Baines Johnson administration.  [By the way, this was SO effective that the poverty rate is significantly higher today than when the "War" started.]  Medicare and Medicaid (Federal funding to the state programs) were launched.

The 40+ years of problems with these programs is highly documented.  They DO ration care.  They do withhold care for some.  Did you miss the story from Oregon about the cancer patient who was given the recommendation that he try assisted suicide because Medicaid would cover that, but not his cancer treatments? 

But the REAL problem is that these programs attempt to “fix prices” that impacts the prices that private insurance companies pay.  Often times, the private insurance companies have to make up for the cuts that the government forces on providers.  Again, giving us the $10 pacifiers and $5 aspirin tablets, but this time to those of us in the private sector.

And you think THESE Government programs are going to provide the compassion that you want to give our nation’s people?

Every single argument in favor of socialized medicine, and that is what this is…even though it is NOT “single payer” yet…is build on incomplete information, bad information or outright lies.

So, when I tell people that they are ignorant, it is true.  I am not calling them stupid.  I would not engage the stupid, because they are beyond help.  The ignorant can be helped, IF they make the effort.  Unfortunately, too many do not and will not make the effort.  That is why they are blissful and I am not.

The frustrating part is that they continually SHOW their ignorance, but cannot see it themselves.

If you know that the changes to the Internal Revenue Act back in 1943, the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, and the fact that the Federal Government IS the largest provider of health insurance in the nation are all the reasons that have pushed the costs of health care skyward for decades, then why do you want to give that same Federal Government more control and involvement in this industry?

If you are using logic, reason and sensibility, you don’t.  And that puts you in the majority, even if you don’t know why.  But if you think the Federal Government is the solution, you have built your house on a bad foundation.

And when that house collapses, do not come to me for more help.  Your faulty, or lack of, logic has already tapped me out financially.

I don’t have any more resources for you to have stolen from me.  You already did enough damage.

By the way, I have not even touched on the Constitutional problems with this bill.  There are many and that is what really bothers me.  Seeing Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their gang of political thugs treating the Constitution with the same lack of respect as Lou Brown did Roger Dorn’s contract in “Major League” ought to offend ALL Americans.  I am not surprised that it doesn’t, only disappointed.

That is why I do not have respect for the opinions of those who favored this.  I cannot respect the ignorant and I cannot respect those who are willing to tear the very foundation of this country down.

If that is you, maybe now you will understand.

Meanwhile, since some of my readers have helped the Government further tax me, you could at least do me a favor and help me pay some of those taxes.  Show some of that compassion that you claim to have.  Visit my sponsors and buy something.  Please.
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Rome was once a great empire, now it is just interesting ruins

Rome was not built in a day.  You have heard that saying.  Rome also did not fall in a day.

Same can be said for the United States of America. 

A great experiment was started with the Constitution of the United States.  It was a the formation of a representative Republic based on the notion that the rights of man (meaning human beings) were those for man to possess and to CONSENT to being governed by laws.  The Constitution opens with “We the People” for a reason.  That is where it begins.

From 1789 until 1913, this nation, the United States of American was built.  It started out as a agrarian place away from the rest of the world, separated by vast oceans on both sides.  While isolated, the country had to grow on its own, but it did so with the help of the rest of the world by welcoming them to come take part.

The term “The American Dream” was coined.  Immigrants could come to this nation and take advantage of the freedoms that it had to offer.  Those freedoms turned this scruffy little nation in to a world leader in less than 125 years.

The Roman Republic was initially a welcoming society.  Sure, they did go out an conquer other lands.  But after they conquered them, they welcomed those people in as Romans themselves.

Then it transitioned to the Roman Empire.  The growth continued for a while.  The policies continued, for a while. 

Things got too easy for the Romans.  Rather than being held accountable, the Roman emperors kept the citizens happy and distracted with the gladiator bouts and other entertainment.  “Bread and Circuses” is the term given to this.

Well since 1913, this has been the path that the United States has been on.  First, the Sixteenth Amendment was thrust upon the American people, all on lie.  Corruption was rampant following World War I.  A lot of it was private corruption that then influenced the public.  Prohibition was the largest factor.

In 1933, Prohibition was finally repealed.  But we were in the depths of the Great Depression.  To fix this, Franklin Roosevelt proposed and pushed social programs than actually made the Depression last longer and made it worse.  It wasn’t until World War II that we got out of the depression.  That was followed by a great post-war recession. 

But we bounced back.  And in the 1950′s the largest public works project in the history of the world was passed, the Interstate Highway Act.  It was a gigantic expenditure of public money, but it was private money that would repay our economy for decades to come. 

Now that system is on the verge of complete collapse.

In January 1961, President John Kennedy said in his inaugural address, “Ask NOT what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  Fifty years later, we have too many people who have their hands our looking for their government to do things for them.

In the 1950′s, 1960′s, 1970′s and 1980′s, we faced an enemy of ideology in the world.  That was led by the Soviet Union and spread across Eastern Europe, into Asia, Africa and Central America.  In 1989, Poland, Romania and East Germany all fell.  In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed.  The pressure of the West caused all of them to crumble under due to their economic models.

So, the United States should have been stronger for it.  Sadly, it wasn’t.  The nation that sent 15 men up to the moon, 12 of them to the surface of the moon to actually walk around on it, sat back and enjoyed ITS version of “Bread and Circuses” as the world’s only superpower. [CORRECTION: A total of 24 DIFFERENT men have been sent to the moon and orbited it. Apollo 8, 10-17 all went for a total of 27. Jim Lovell, Gene Cernan and John Young each made the trip twice.]

The United States gave Communist China a sweet trade deal, virtually killing manufacturing in this nation.  NAFTA helped remove barriers between the US, Canada and Mexico.  Free trade is bad, fair trade is what SHOULD have been passed.

In 2008, the United States of America fell under the same curse of Germany in 1933, post-war Soviet Union, 1949 China, post French Colonial Vietnam and 1958 Cuba….”cult of personality” defeated reason and sensibility.  Barack Obama, using campaign slogans from the children’s television program, “Bob the Builder” was elected President of the United States.  Most people who voted for him could not give a good reason why.  They were blinded by the “cult of personality” of the man.  And they voted for him because he was not George W. Bush….even though Mr. Bush was not running.

He pulled the wool over the eyes of many.  But he is simply a symptom.  A major symptom of a disease that is working to turn the United States into the next Roman Empire.

I do not want my son’s children and grandchildren wondering what happened to this great nation.  But they will. 

The prevailing wisdom today is that this health insurance bill, a bill that can send people to PRISON for not buying a product, is good.  How can imprisoning people for choosing to opt out of something possibly be good?

How can forcing the hard working people of this nation to carry the additonal weight of those who do not even make an effort to produce be a good thing?

I don’t understand it.  It is good and charitable to help out those who need help because they cannot help themselves.  Forcing me to do for those who will not do for themselves is Marxism.

Twenty years ago, we helped defeat this ideology by pushing it to collapse under its own weight.  Today, we are subscribing to it?


It has been said that those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.

Thanks to many ignorant people, I am doomed as well.  And I am not happy about it.

How can you possibly be?

I guess that is proof that “Ignorance is Bliss”…..well, I am not blissful.  It is too bad that the bliss of others is going to ruin things for all of us.

On-the-air, but didn’t have much to say..at first.

For those who happened to tune in yesterday morning to KLIK’s “Sunday Morning Roundtable”, yes it was me behind one of the microphones.

And yes, I didn’t say a whole lot…at least in the first hour.

Nothing against the “Roundtable” show or the host, Cole County Presiding Commissioner Marc Ellinger, but I am just much more comfortable driving the ship.  In the first hour, I left most of the conversation to Marc and our guest, Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce President Randy Allen.  It was a review of a meeting that both of them were at, so Marc had more background on the topics than I did.  Keep in mind, my wife Kathleen was at that meeting and told me a lot about it, so I was prepared.

I just felt that I was better prepared as the show went on.  If there had been a third hour, I would have probably led those segments.

But all of this proved one big thing.

I miss it. 

Apparently, so do the listeners in Jefferson City.  But this is not about me…it is more about what I once provided.

People miss having options in LOCAL Morning talk radio.  There is only ONE option in Jefferson City now.  And they do a decent job.  I provided a second option.

I know that IF there were ratings, I would have had half the audience of my competion.  BUT that was still a very viable chunk of the audience. 

Several months ago, I offered to come back to KLIK and do a 6-9am show.  I show up at 6:oo and I leave at 9:00 and that is ALL that I would do.  They were not interested.  Probably because in the short-sightedness of their ownership, they don’t have a studio to do more than one local show.  When they moved, they built ONE studio for three stations. 


So, that is not going to happen anytime soon.  Unless they were smart enough to partner with the coffee shop across the parking lot.  Creative thinking is not the strong suit of these folks.

But any how.  My point is that I miss it.  I would love to get back in, obviously.  However, it has to be under the right circumstances.  And that includes it being a win-win….or at least a win for me.

And that wasn’t the case from January 2007 until February 2009.

I’ll be back, on a occasion, as Marc and Al need someone to fill-in.  It is still kind of fun.

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Another Blog to check out…

Midwest Computech launched a NEW blog AND Twitter page today. Worth checking out and following.

Let me answer your questions before you ask them. I am just ONE of several contributors to the blog. Same with Twitter. AND the topics will be related to technology and information technology specifically.

Sure, there will be news links on there. But that is when something like a new virus or malware arrives on the scene and we have some advice for you. Or if there is anything else that could impact your line of work AND Midwest Computech has some suggestions for you.

The Blog is at http://midwestcomputech.wordpress.com and the Twitter is http://twitter.com/midwestcomputec(the “H” is dropped off of the end due to the 15 character limitation).

Feedback is appreciated there as well. Please write and let us know how we can direct that blog to best keep you informed.


It is called HYPERBOLE.

Hyperbole.  Merriam-Webster’s On-line Dictionary defines Hyperbole as “extravagant exaggeration” and cites the example of “mile high ice cream cones” to illustrate.

I like hyperbole.  I use it a LOT.  Sometimes, people do not see things AS hyperbole and take it literally.  And I should know better.  My son Ben, who has Aspergers, is very literal.  With him I am extremely careful.

Yesterday, I closed out my entry by saying that someone should “swallow a high velocity lead projectile”….rather mean spirited.  And as much as I dislike, disrespect and despise this individual that I was referring to, I do not literally think that he should do that.

The world needs is boogeymen.  He is one.  For President Barry O, it is George W. Bush or Rush Limbaugh.  Or insurance companies.  Hitler had Jews.

So, if my use of hyperbole was extreme and offensive, sorry.  I do know that I would likely insure that I would never get rehired by Cumulus Media…so that is a good thing.

I always told people off-the-air that I would never say anything on-the-air that I didn’t mean, with the exception of hyperbole.  And I felt that my tone of voice was great at indicating those times. 

BUT, I learned that this was not the case.  I said things in an overly, extravagant exaggeration that were taken seriously.  Like saying that my hopes for the FU Gators was for their bus to crash and burn en route to a game against the Vols.  No matter how much I despise the FU Gators, even I would not wish that on them.  I need them as my straw man, too.

It was NOT hyperbole when I said that I would put all of my USC Trojans clothing in storage until the time that Lame Kitten and Mike Garrett were both gone.  With the exception of two t-shirts that I just found and a 20 year old sweatshirt hidden in the back of my closet, off of that clothing is currently in a Space Bag…better than a box.  I look forward to pulling them out of storage in 2014.

I guess my answer to this problem with the misunderstanding of when I am, or am not, using hyperbole is best put this way.

Just ask me, I will let you know.

[This is for Ben...his birthday is in August...just saying.....]
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I need to clear the air on this.

Recently, those of you who regularly read this blog or follow my links and posts on Facebook may have come to a certain conclusion that may not be entirely true.  So, let me clarify.

I have made comments about the radio industry.  Specifically, I have slammed my former employer Cumulus.  So, here is where I need to clarify.

Cumulus Media is a horrible company led by horrible people who don’t know anything about radio.  Lew Dickey is an overly educated egotistical midget, mentally and physically, who thinks his Harvard MBA is enough to get him credibility in any business.  He is like Dr. Barbay in “Back To School”…he might know about “widgets” but he does not know about radio.  And he does not know about the human factor…which is what made radio what it once was.

Furthermore, this scumbag was responsible for cutting 250 people on a Friday, then collect a bonus on Monday.

I have never met this idiot, but I despise him for what he has done, what he has bragged about doing and what he continues to do so long as he continues to suck air into his lungs.  If Lew Dickey was to be harmed in a physical and financial way, I would not only not lose sleep over it, I might celebrate it.  This would be proof of Karma.

The sycophants that surround this waste of DNA, are about as bad as him.  They lack backbone.  They lack, like their leader, integrity.  They are part of the problem.

Now, you know where the rancor with me lies.

Let me move in another direction.  The people that I worked with and for at Cumulus, for the most part, but not exclusively, are good and decent people.  There are a couple who are of the ilk of Lew Dickey, but they were outsiders to the community and to the organization that I worked with on the local level.  They were problems and nearly everyone was happy when these egotistical jerks moved on.

Yesterday, Cumulus had a ribbon cutting for their new offices.  Normally, I would say studios, but they only have one.  That is sad, but after the company was decimated by the loser at the top, that is what they are left with.  They have a nice facility and some friends still work for the company.  They are friends, I wish them well…I sincerely do.  But, more than anything else, I worry about them because I know what a bad situation they are in.

It was nice to see them yesterday.  And I was pleased that, as a Chamber Ambassador, I could be there to help with the festivities.

What I really wish for, for my friends, former co-workers and supervisors is this.  I hope that they can, and I hope this can happen soon, be liberated from the inemptitude and arrogance of the Dickey family. 

But as a broadcasting properties broker told me nearly a year ago, that is not going to happen anytime soon.  He told me, that selling off these once fine properties in Mid-Missouri would be admitting failure or just a mistake.

Lew, let me give you a hint.  You screwed it all up.  You ignored the local markets and played from a generic, and very flawed playbook out of Atlanta, Georgia.  You ruined not just these properties, but some lives along the way.  The best thing you could do is either sell them off to local buyers, or to empower local managers to rebuild them in the image of their markets.

After you do that, then you can brag about your Harvard MBA.

So, if you don’t do that, do the industry a favor.  Swallow a high velocity lead projectile.

For all of us!

Good things that President Obama has done

This will strike many of you as a bit of a strange entry coming from me.  Keep in mind, I do not hate President Obama.  I respect his office more than most people will ever realize, President Obama included.

But, I do not respect him.  I think his is a bit of a wimp and a complete “post turtle”…making him unworthy of my respect.  [If you don't know what a "post turtle" is, send me an e-mail and I will explain it to you.]  As many of my military and former military friends have told me, you salute the rank and not the person. 

So, will all of that said, there are somethings that President Barack Obama has done that are very good.

Or, could end up being very good.

Thanks to President Obama, it appears that the American people may finally recognize the difference between an empty suit campaigner who is good at using the words written for him by others and effective leadership.  He has given us lots of the former, especially after the campaign ended, and NONE of the latter.

Due to the concerns over President Obama’s Progressive agenda, many people have taken the time to go back and read the Constitution of the United States of America.  And they have realized what they didn’t know, because politicians from both the Republican and Democrat parties didn’t want them to see it, about the Constitution was a lot less than what the did know. 

Thanks to President Barack Obama, people now know the difference between a liberal and a Progressive.  Liberals are idealistic and want the government to do a lot for people, while they do nearly nothing for others.  [Proven by studies of charitable contributions coming from liberals and conservatives.]  Progressives want to force the government to do everything for the all of the people so that the United States is a peer in the world and NOT a leader in the world.

The American people now realize, thanks to President Obama, that fears of fascist actions by our strong Federal government can come as much, if not MORE, from the left as it can from the right.

“We the People” now understand, more than anytime in the last hundred years, that regular law-abiding citizens can and should keep and bear arms in their everyday lives.  And by doing so, they are not criminals.  But those who want to take them from “We the People” can be as dangerous to us as the criminals or terrorists who wish to do us harm.

More than anything else, President Obama, by his arrogance and his lack of leadership, has helped many of the American people finally wake up from their slumber of ignorant bliss.

The best thing that President Obama can do for the American people is fail.  And fail in a enormous way.  The bigger he fails, the better things are for the American people.

Months ago, many people who read this blog told me that my ideas of ending BOTH income tax withholding AND health insurance payments out of paychecks were bad ideas.  People would never go for it.  They said that the American people were too lazy.  And that WAS MY POINT.  They are lazy because we have allowed them to be lazy in our culture. 

You see, I think the American people are an exceptional people.  They do not.  Neither does President Barack Obama.  I think if you ask people to write a check for their taxes, they will want accountability.  Obama and Congress, bipartisanly, does not want that.  If people have to write a check for their health insurance, like they do for groceries, they will shop wisely.  Obama and the Democrat-led Congress don’t want that.

When you allow, for over 60 years, the American people to not have to worry about paying their taxes or health insurance DIRECTLY, you are going to see many, like those I mentioned earlier, thinking that they can’t or won’t do it.

They are wrong.

But they also PROBABLY do not think that the American people are an exceptional people, as I do.  They think you need the government to help with everything, probably.

Give us roads, give us border security, give us a strong national defense and get out of our way.

The best thing that President Obama can do is to tell us how he wants to give us everything.  Because the best thing the American People can do in return is tell him, and Congress, no.  We got this ourselves.

We did it that way for the first 100 PLUS years of our existence.  And we can do it again.

We needed a wake up call.  And the ignorant masses helped give him to us.

They voted for him.

Things will get better.  Just keep up the resistance. 

Remember, we were told for eight years how Patriotic dissent is, right?

The Popcorn Factory

Another Driver’s Safety tip from FloriDUH


I don’t think I have anything more to add to this story.

What? Why? Do they have ANYTHING to cheer for?


No, this is not for the Lions. It is for the area itself.

Cheering for a community where the house you bought five years ago for $90,000 MIGHT be worth $9,000 today is NOT something I understand.

But, good luck to them.

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