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Good things that President Obama has done

This will strike many of you as a bit of a strange entry coming from me.  Keep in mind, I do not hate President Obama.  I respect his office more than most people will ever realize, President Obama included.

But, I do not respect him.  I think his is a bit of a wimp and a complete “post turtle”…making him unworthy of my respect.  [If you don't know what a "post turtle" is, send me an e-mail and I will explain it to you.]  As many of my military and former military friends have told me, you salute the rank and not the person. 

So, will all of that said, there are somethings that President Barack Obama has done that are very good.

Or, could end up being very good.

Thanks to President Obama, it appears that the American people may finally recognize the difference between an empty suit campaigner who is good at using the words written for him by others and effective leadership.  He has given us lots of the former, especially after the campaign ended, and NONE of the latter.

Due to the concerns over President Obama’s Progressive agenda, many people have taken the time to go back and read the Constitution of the United States of America.  And they have realized what they didn’t know, because politicians from both the Republican and Democrat parties didn’t want them to see it, about the Constitution was a lot less than what the did know. 

Thanks to President Barack Obama, people now know the difference between a liberal and a Progressive.  Liberals are idealistic and want the government to do a lot for people, while they do nearly nothing for others.  [Proven by studies of charitable contributions coming from liberals and conservatives.]  Progressives want to force the government to do everything for the all of the people so that the United States is a peer in the world and NOT a leader in the world.

The American people now realize, thanks to President Obama, that fears of fascist actions by our strong Federal government can come as much, if not MORE, from the left as it can from the right.

“We the People” now understand, more than anytime in the last hundred years, that regular law-abiding citizens can and should keep and bear arms in their everyday lives.  And by doing so, they are not criminals.  But those who want to take them from “We the People” can be as dangerous to us as the criminals or terrorists who wish to do us harm.

More than anything else, President Obama, by his arrogance and his lack of leadership, has helped many of the American people finally wake up from their slumber of ignorant bliss.

The best thing that President Obama can do for the American people is fail.  And fail in a enormous way.  The bigger he fails, the better things are for the American people.

Months ago, many people who read this blog told me that my ideas of ending BOTH income tax withholding AND health insurance payments out of paychecks were bad ideas.  People would never go for it.  They said that the American people were too lazy.  And that WAS MY POINT.  They are lazy because we have allowed them to be lazy in our culture. 

You see, I think the American people are an exceptional people.  They do not.  Neither does President Barack Obama.  I think if you ask people to write a check for their taxes, they will want accountability.  Obama and Congress, bipartisanly, does not want that.  If people have to write a check for their health insurance, like they do for groceries, they will shop wisely.  Obama and the Democrat-led Congress don’t want that.

When you allow, for over 60 years, the American people to not have to worry about paying their taxes or health insurance DIRECTLY, you are going to see many, like those I mentioned earlier, thinking that they can’t or won’t do it.

They are wrong.

But they also PROBABLY do not think that the American people are an exceptional people, as I do.  They think you need the government to help with everything, probably.

Give us roads, give us border security, give us a strong national defense and get out of our way.

The best thing that President Obama can do is to tell us how he wants to give us everything.  Because the best thing the American People can do in return is tell him, and Congress, no.  We got this ourselves.

We did it that way for the first 100 PLUS years of our existence.  And we can do it again.

We needed a wake up call.  And the ignorant masses helped give him to us.

They voted for him.

Things will get better.  Just keep up the resistance. 

Remember, we were told for eight years how Patriotic dissent is, right?

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  • Mar 23rd 201014:03
    by Oscar Zaborac

    Barack Obama along with all his socialist mafia should be ashamed of them selves. This is a complete outrage. I had been under the belief that once the president will take office he is obligated to declare an oath to uphold in addition to protect the constitution of the us. Nowhere within the Constitution does it provide the federal government the authority to be able to enact and enforce laws like the health care reform bill. I believe that these power mongers will be in for a genuine surprise in November. Great job at the demise of your political future.

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