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I need to clear the air on this.

Recently, those of you who regularly read this blog or follow my links and posts on Facebook may have come to a certain conclusion that may not be entirely true.  So, let me clarify.

I have made comments about the radio industry.  Specifically, I have slammed my former employer Cumulus.  So, here is where I need to clarify.

Cumulus Media is a horrible company led by horrible people who don’t know anything about radio.  Lew Dickey is an overly educated egotistical midget, mentally and physically, who thinks his Harvard MBA is enough to get him credibility in any business.  He is like Dr. Barbay in “Back To School”…he might know about “widgets” but he does not know about radio.  And he does not know about the human factor…which is what made radio what it once was.

Furthermore, this scumbag was responsible for cutting 250 people on a Friday, then collect a bonus on Monday.

I have never met this idiot, but I despise him for what he has done, what he has bragged about doing and what he continues to do so long as he continues to suck air into his lungs.  If Lew Dickey was to be harmed in a physical and financial way, I would not only not lose sleep over it, I might celebrate it.  This would be proof of Karma.

The sycophants that surround this waste of DNA, are about as bad as him.  They lack backbone.  They lack, like their leader, integrity.  They are part of the problem.

Now, you know where the rancor with me lies.

Let me move in another direction.  The people that I worked with and for at Cumulus, for the most part, but not exclusively, are good and decent people.  There are a couple who are of the ilk of Lew Dickey, but they were outsiders to the community and to the organization that I worked with on the local level.  They were problems and nearly everyone was happy when these egotistical jerks moved on.

Yesterday, Cumulus had a ribbon cutting for their new offices.  Normally, I would say studios, but they only have one.  That is sad, but after the company was decimated by the loser at the top, that is what they are left with.  They have a nice facility and some friends still work for the company.  They are friends, I wish them well…I sincerely do.  But, more than anything else, I worry about them because I know what a bad situation they are in.

It was nice to see them yesterday.  And I was pleased that, as a Chamber Ambassador, I could be there to help with the festivities.

What I really wish for, for my friends, former co-workers and supervisors is this.  I hope that they can, and I hope this can happen soon, be liberated from the inemptitude and arrogance of the Dickey family. 

But as a broadcasting properties broker told me nearly a year ago, that is not going to happen anytime soon.  He told me, that selling off these once fine properties in Mid-Missouri would be admitting failure or just a mistake.

Lew, let me give you a hint.  You screwed it all up.  You ignored the local markets and played from a generic, and very flawed playbook out of Atlanta, Georgia.  You ruined not just these properties, but some lives along the way.  The best thing you could do is either sell them off to local buyers, or to empower local managers to rebuild them in the image of their markets.

After you do that, then you can brag about your Harvard MBA.

So, if you don’t do that, do the industry a favor.  Swallow a high velocity lead projectile.

For all of us!

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