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It is called HYPERBOLE.

Hyperbole.  Merriam-Webster’s On-line Dictionary defines Hyperbole as “extravagant exaggeration” and cites the example of “mile high ice cream cones” to illustrate.

I like hyperbole.  I use it a LOT.  Sometimes, people do not see things AS hyperbole and take it literally.  And I should know better.  My son Ben, who has Aspergers, is very literal.  With him I am extremely careful.

Yesterday, I closed out my entry by saying that someone should “swallow a high velocity lead projectile”….rather mean spirited.  And as much as I dislike, disrespect and despise this individual that I was referring to, I do not literally think that he should do that.

The world needs is boogeymen.  He is one.  For President Barry O, it is George W. Bush or Rush Limbaugh.  Or insurance companies.  Hitler had Jews.

So, if my use of hyperbole was extreme and offensive, sorry.  I do know that I would likely insure that I would never get rehired by Cumulus Media…so that is a good thing.

I always told people off-the-air that I would never say anything on-the-air that I didn’t mean, with the exception of hyperbole.  And I felt that my tone of voice was great at indicating those times. 

BUT, I learned that this was not the case.  I said things in an overly, extravagant exaggeration that were taken seriously.  Like saying that my hopes for the FU Gators was for their bus to crash and burn en route to a game against the Vols.  No matter how much I despise the FU Gators, even I would not wish that on them.  I need them as my straw man, too.

It was NOT hyperbole when I said that I would put all of my USC Trojans clothing in storage until the time that Lame Kitten and Mike Garrett were both gone.  With the exception of two t-shirts that I just found and a 20 year old sweatshirt hidden in the back of my closet, off of that clothing is currently in a Space Bag…better than a box.  I look forward to pulling them out of storage in 2014.

I guess my answer to this problem with the misunderstanding of when I am, or am not, using hyperbole is best put this way.

Just ask me, I will let you know.

[This is for Ben...his birthday is in August...just saying.....]
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