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Another Blog to check out…

Midwest Computech launched a NEW blog AND Twitter page today. Worth checking out and following.

Let me answer your questions before you ask them. I am just ONE of several contributors to the blog. Same with Twitter. AND the topics will be related to technology and information technology specifically.

Sure, there will be news links on there. But that is when something like a new virus or malware arrives on the scene and we have some advice for you. Or if there is anything else that could impact your line of work AND Midwest Computech has some suggestions for you.

The Blog is at http://midwestcomputech.wordpress.com¬†and the Twitter is http://twitter.com/midwestcomputec(the “H” is dropped off of the end due to the 15 character limitation).

Feedback is appreciated there as well. Please write and let us know how we can direct that blog to best keep you informed.


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