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On-the-air, but didn’t have much to say..at first.

For those who happened to tune in yesterday morning to KLIK’s “Sunday Morning Roundtable”, yes it was me behind one of the microphones.

And yes, I didn’t say a whole lot…at least in the first hour.

Nothing against the “Roundtable” show or the host, Cole County Presiding Commissioner Marc Ellinger, but I am just much more comfortable driving the ship.  In the first hour, I left most of the conversation to Marc and our guest, Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce President Randy Allen.  It was a review of a meeting that both of them were at, so Marc had more background on the topics than I did.  Keep in mind, my wife Kathleen was at that meeting and told me a lot about it, so I was prepared.

I just felt that I was better prepared as the show went on.  If there had been a third hour, I would have probably led those segments.

But all of this proved one big thing.

I miss it. 

Apparently, so do the listeners in Jefferson City.  But this is not about me…it is more about what I once provided.

People miss having options in LOCAL Morning talk radio.  There is only ONE option in Jefferson City now.  And they do a decent job.  I provided a second option.

I know that IF there were ratings, I would have had half the audience of my competion.  BUT that was still a very viable chunk of the audience. 

Several months ago, I offered to come back to KLIK and do a 6-9am show.  I show up at 6:oo and I leave at 9:00 and that is ALL that I would do.  They were not interested.  Probably because in the short-sightedness of their ownership, they don’t have a studio to do more than one local show.  When they moved, they built ONE studio for three stations. 


So, that is not going to happen anytime soon.  Unless they were smart enough to partner with the coffee shop across the parking lot.  Creative thinking is not the strong suit of these folks.

But any how.  My point is that I miss it.  I would love to get back in, obviously.  However, it has to be under the right circumstances.  And that includes it being a win-win….or at least a win for me.

And that wasn’t the case from January 2007 until February 2009.

I’ll be back, on a occasion, as Marc and Al need someone to fill-in.  It is still kind of fun.

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