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A house on a bad foundation WILL collapse.

I have heard many arguments lately in favor of this health insurance bill. 

Some claim that we OWE this to our citizens.

Others claim this is what a compassionate country would do.

Still others make various arguments based on various beliefs and usually pull out some anecdotal sob story to support their argument.

I dismiss all of them and for a very good reason.

They are all based on fallacies.

I made some rather inflammatory statements on Facebook.  That is my outlet these days, but I have no regrets over what I have had to say.  I threw the word “Ignorant” and its variants arount rather freely.  And I used it to describe some educated people.  Sadly, they are NOT educated when it comes to this issue, rather they are ruled by their emotions.

And emotions lead to irrationality.  These folks proved it once again. 

I am not to persuade anyone to change their minds on this issue.  I wish that they would find it important enough to become informed on the issue.  If they did so, they would see the fault in their own arguments.  And that would lead to one of two things.  First, they would solidify their stance based on a solid, logical, legal and sensible foundation.  And while I would disagree, I could then have an intellectual respect for them.  Or the second option, they would realize that they were irrational, illogical, ignoring the laws of the land and were not even close to anything being sensible and while in their hearts they still feel that the providing for the people would be nice, it is just something that cannot be done.

I do not expect either of those to happen.  Why?

For years, going back to at least 2006, I have directed everyone to the root causes of the health care costs problems that this country faces.  If you want a refresher, here it is.

First, in 1943, the Internal Revenue Code was changed to allow companies to offer heath care/health insurance as a benefit to employees.  This was a war-time measure and the intent was to keep employees who might otherwise jump to higher paying jobs, due to wage freezes preventing employers from giving raises to their existing employees.  It made sense.  But it should have been scrapped when the war ended.

Same goes for income tax withholding.  But that is another issue.

What did this change do TO the American people?  The first thing that it did was it kept people from SHOPPING for the best deal.  People spend days, weeks or even months researching the best deal on their new dishwasher, car or furniture.  But when was the last time you price shopped your health care providers, aside from prescription drug deals?  Most of you NEVER have.  I know that I haven’t.  But I do look for the best deal on everything else in my life.  Just not ON my life.

Does THIS make sense?

So, when no one pushes the issue of competition, why should health care providers care about their pricing?  And that is what gets is $10 pacifiers and $5 aspirin tablets.

Then came the “War on Poverty” under the Lyndon Baines Johnson administration.  [By the way, this was SO effective that the poverty rate is significantly higher today than when the "War" started.]  Medicare and Medicaid (Federal funding to the state programs) were launched.

The 40+ years of problems with these programs is highly documented.  They DO ration care.  They do withhold care for some.  Did you miss the story from Oregon about the cancer patient who was given the recommendation that he try assisted suicide because Medicaid would cover that, but not his cancer treatments? 

But the REAL problem is that these programs attempt to “fix prices” that impacts the prices that private insurance companies pay.  Often times, the private insurance companies have to make up for the cuts that the government forces on providers.  Again, giving us the $10 pacifiers and $5 aspirin tablets, but this time to those of us in the private sector.

And you think THESE Government programs are going to provide the compassion that you want to give our nation’s people?

Every single argument in favor of socialized medicine, and that is what this is…even though it is NOT “single payer” yet…is build on incomplete information, bad information or outright lies.

So, when I tell people that they are ignorant, it is true.  I am not calling them stupid.  I would not engage the stupid, because they are beyond help.  The ignorant can be helped, IF they make the effort.  Unfortunately, too many do not and will not make the effort.  That is why they are blissful and I am not.

The frustrating part is that they continually SHOW their ignorance, but cannot see it themselves.

If you know that the changes to the Internal Revenue Act back in 1943, the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, and the fact that the Federal Government IS the largest provider of health insurance in the nation are all the reasons that have pushed the costs of health care skyward for decades, then why do you want to give that same Federal Government more control and involvement in this industry?

If you are using logic, reason and sensibility, you don’t.  And that puts you in the majority, even if you don’t know why.  But if you think the Federal Government is the solution, you have built your house on a bad foundation.

And when that house collapses, do not come to me for more help.  Your faulty, or lack of, logic has already tapped me out financially.

I don’t have any more resources for you to have stolen from me.  You already did enough damage.

By the way, I have not even touched on the Constitutional problems with this bill.  There are many and that is what really bothers me.  Seeing Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their gang of political thugs treating the Constitution with the same lack of respect as Lou Brown did Roger Dorn’s contract in “Major League” ought to offend ALL Americans.  I am not surprised that it doesn’t, only disappointed.

That is why I do not have respect for the opinions of those who favored this.  I cannot respect the ignorant and I cannot respect those who are willing to tear the very foundation of this country down.

If that is you, maybe now you will understand.

Meanwhile, since some of my readers have helped the Government further tax me, you could at least do me a favor and help me pay some of those taxes.  Show some of that compassion that you claim to have.  Visit my sponsors and buy something.  Please.
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  • Mar 23rd 201014:03
    by Margaret Kersting

    I am not as well informed as I should be so I will admit to being somewhat ignorant. Will you acknowledge that our health care system is messed up? Do you believe that for profit companies will improve things without regulation? If so you may be naive. Have you noticed the what happened to interest rates when banking reguations were “relaxed”? I have repeatedly said that everyone should be able to have what I had Every year I had at least 20 health insurance policies to choose from. Some were HMO’s some were low deductibles, some higher. Probably they had a lifetime cap on payments. I did not study all the fine print. Policies are written by lawyers for the benefit of the companies and like most of our laws they are uncomprehensible to most of us. I believe the average American reads at the 7th grade level. I believe our laws are written by legislators most of them lawyers trying to keep each other in business. I think income tax withholding is good. most people do not save enough for the future. Most people do not even have an emergency fund and you know how much we didn’t put away for your college expenses-just always thought things would get better. On the other hand I’m starting to lean toward the fair tax.

  • Mar 23rd 201015:03
    by Administrator

    I will not agree that our health CARE system is messed up. Health CARE is fine. I think the treatment that my brother-in-law is getting while away from home is proof of that.
    I have said all along that the health care costs situation is out of control. And, as I did again in this blog entry, I have pointed to the causes of the problems. This IS truly how we have gotten there.
    Banking regulations, specifically the repeal of Glass-Stegal back in 1999 – which was a bipartisan move, even though neither side is willing to take the blame or share the blame, only point fingers – have been a disaster.
    Do I believe that companies that operate to earn a profit will improve things without regulation? They could, but it is unlikely. Remove certain restrictions to FORCE competition, like that 1943 Internal Revenue Act change and things will improve because then EVERYONE will be forced to shop it. But that is not enough, because you need to set standards as well.
    Medicare and Medicaid did more damage, and continue to do, than they have helped.
    As for savings, I have NONE. ZERO. No emergency fund. Nothing. Had them. Lost my job, got help from many people (like you and others you know) and it is all gone. I do not earn enough and, like you 25 years ago, I am hoping for and working for improvement. The Fair Tax would CERTAINLY help me. And millions of others who are also in the working poor.

  • Mar 24th 201007:03
    by Margaret Kersting

    Matt may be an example of good health care, but I can give you the example of Judy Welnak denied a liver transplant because her insurance company said it was experimental surgery. She died in 1993 and from what I’ve read liver transplantation had become the accepted treatment in the late 1980′s.

  • Mar 24th 201014:03
    by Administrator

    You are missing the point. Health care in the United States of America, RIGHT NOW, is the best in the world. Level of care, access to care and quality of care are second to no other nation. The only stats that people look at are ones that do not tell the whole story, such as infant mortality.

    Judy Welnak had poor HEALTH INSURANCE. That is NOT Health Care. Apples and Oranges. You NEED to separate the two. Had she been willing and able to pay cash for a liver transplant, she could have gotten it. Is that realistic? Not under our current system. And I illustrated in this blog entry how we got there.

    The CAUSE needs to be attacked. This is like a cancer treatment. You don’t treat a cancer by making someone comfortable and disguising the symptoms. You treat the cancer by cutting it out, killing it and treating the surrounding tissues to be sure that you got it all. This bill is feeding and fertilizing the cancer because it expands the causes of cancer. Would you give a lung cancer patient a truckload of cigarettes and a barge load of asbestos?

    The Democrats in Congress, and our President, would…and ARE. THAT is the problem.

  • Mar 24th 201014:03
    by Margaret Kersting

    Health insurance is part of the health care problem.

  • Mar 24th 201015:03
    by Administrator

    No, Health Insurance IS the biggest problem with health care in this country. But no one is proposing ANYTHING to address the root cause of the problem.

    And that is a GOVERNMENT problem. It is a PRIORITIES problem. And it is a problem exacerbated by 535 +2 people all wanting to grandstand and pretend they are helping. When in fact NONE of them are helping. They are looking for attention. Another example that pops up every few years that really focuses on this problem is the minimum wage. The minimum wage should NEVER have been set by Congress, but it has been to give political points to one party over another. It SHOULD have been indexed, like Social Security is, years ago.

    We need to flush the toilet that is Washington, DC.

    Attack the causes. Did Colonel Doolittle bomb the Phillipines or Okinawa? No, he bombed Toyko. While that was ONLY a public morale victory, it did go to the root of the problem. And that is NOT happening. Again, I have pointed out in this blog entry where the problems began. No one, not even you in your responses here, have taken these on. Even you brought up a sob story, Judy Welnak, in an effort to score points. What happened to her was both sad and unnecessary, but it is an ancedote. It, again, does not get anyone focused on the core of this issue.

    That is the problem with solving this issue. No one wants to focus on the REAL problem and attack it. I cannot believe that I am standing nearly alone on this (with Dr. David Gratzer and a few others). And I find it even harder to believe that few people find it worth the effort to study and address this issue.

    Congressman James Garfield’s words from the 1880 Republican National Convention are continuing to be proven true.

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