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Arizona is wrong and right…here is why…

A week ago, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill into law that required law officers to check the immigration status of those they suspected might not be citizens.

Many have applauded this action.  Several have expressed anger at this.

Here is the truth.

President Barack Obama is wrong and is using a disinformation campaign to help build a base.  Police CANNOT stop someone at random to enforce this law.  When President Obama says otherwise, he is either ignorant of the facts (which I doubt) or he is working to build a base.  So, I’ll stick with my initial statement.

He is not alone.  And this disinformation campaign is also very dishonest.  I’ll get to that in a bit.

Let me put this in simpler terms.  This is like the current Missouri seat belt law.  Similar to other states, in Missouri, you cannot be pulled over by a law officer while driving without a seat belt.  There have been attempts to change that, but as of now, you can drive without wearing your seat belt.  Once you are stopped for any other violation, they can add that ticket to the other violations.

Same with not having motor vehicle insurance.  You can get away with it until you are caught in a violation. 

Some would argue that police officers will be out looking for violators who fit a profile.  Maybe, but I find that to be a very cynical view and it is also very disrespectful of our law enforcement community.  There are good and bad people in EVERY line of work.

So, is Arizona right to pass this law?  For Arizonans, yes they are…..but it doesn’t address the problem.  But Arizona cannot really address the problem.

You see, Arizonans have been dealing with problems that many of us have not had to address.  Phoenix has rate of kidnappings second only to Mexico City.  Arizonans near the border and as far in-country as Phoenix have been dealing with cross-border break-ins for decades.  For Arizonans, this law is a means to catch those who might be committing these violations OR to scare them from coming across the border in the first place.

The bigger problem is a very, very, very and don’t misunderstand me, very big problem.  It is the porous nature of our national borders and the lack of attention that has been give to it since the Woodrow Wilson administration.

North, South, coast to coast, airport to airport, we do a piss-poor job of controlling our national borders.  Remember that  16 or 17 of the 19 September 11th terrorists came here legally.  The attempted “Millennium Bomber” came to the United States from the Canadian border. 

So the lawmakers of Arizona did what they did.  And they are well within their rights.  Other states may follow their lead, and they will be within their rights.

But it does not solve the problem with the open borders.

Is this anti-immigrant?  No.  It IS anti-ILLEGAL immigrant.  Key part of that is ILLEGAL.  Something that the President doesn’t differentiate.  He needs to.  The other night, in Illinois or Iowa (one of those unimportant states that the Lame Stream Media likes to ignore and mix-up….sort of like Michigan and Minnesota…to them, they are all the same) he was asked about the contributions to our nation’s history by illegal immigrants.  He answered the question, which is flawed in its basis.  Immigration was all legal until the 1920′s….they did reject people due to illnesses and other related problems, but otherwise most everyone was welcome.

Today, the United States is open to more immigrants, legally, than any other nation on the planet.  This is a good thing, this is something to be proud of and most importantly, this is something to be AWARE of!  Too many people do not think this is the case.

But, I still think it is not enough.

The first thing that our NATION needs to do is to derail this idiotic concept of providing health insurance to everyone whether they want it or not and instead refocus on securing our borders from those wishing to do us harm.

Lock that down.  Period.  What is a nation without borders?  Can we all first agree that we need to secure our borders to protect both our security AND our liberty inside our nation?

Next, I think we need to open up immigration.  But, you put some restrictions, very minor restrictions, on immigrants.  First, you must be healthy individual.  Second, you have six months to find gainful employment…the exception being dependent minors and students who are paying their way OR are on scholarship.  Third, you are not allowed to collect ANY entitlements aside from true emergency health care until you get your permanent resident visa.  Fourth, if you are here for six months and do not have gainful employment, you can leave or enlist in the military.

It is simple.  And that is the problem.  If you fix this simple problem, you take away a political football from those in or seeking elected office.

There is the dishonesty.  Barack Obama and company are “outraged” today over this because they see this as an opportunity to buy votes.  I doubt when they are behind closed doors they think one second about the good people who have come here seeking a better life and who made the mistake of NOT doing this legally.

Think I am cynical?  No more than those who are questioning the law enforcement officials in Arizona.

Arizona is right for wanting to take care of their citizens.  Arizona is only wrong in thinking this will solve the problem….unless this lights a fire under the asses of those in Washington who CAN address this problem.

If it does, then Arizona is right on both counts.