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24 – The Jay Kersting Version [6:00 to 7:00 am]

Last night was the series finale of “24″ and as I predicted, Jack Bauer lived.

So, what if your life was filmed for 24 hours?  How would that look?  Would it be as compelling?


The following takes place between 6:00 and 7:00 am.


(beep, beep, beep, beep) [slam]

Large man arises from his Select Comfort C4 Sleep Number bed (product placement is important in all shows) and walks across the hall.  Knocks on the door and tells a teenager to take his morning medication.  Returns to his bedroom, then to the bathroom. 

Morning pee commences.  [6:02:15....16.....17.....]

Morning pee wraps up [6:05:46....47.....48....].  Hands washed and he dresses in shorts and t-shirt before heading to the kitchen.  Checks in with Kathleen who is working on breakfast for the boys, in this case, pancakes.  Turns on the TV to catch the morning news.  Walks back to Ben’s room to wake him up.

Ben heads to the bathroom before coming out to the kitchen.  Jay (the previously mentioned large man) sits down on the couch and opens up his Hewlett-Packard laptop computer to check his e-mail, Facebook and more, while wathcing the morning news on his Magnavox 42″ LCD Television (again, product placement).

After deciding he does not want pancakes, Jay heads to the kitchen to start his hash browns.\

[6:15:56...57....58.....] commercial break begins.


Jay wakes up Alex, the previously mentioned teenager.  Alex heads to the bathroom before getting to the kitchen for breakfast.  Kathleen eats her oatmeal with blueberries while sitting on the couch and checking her e-mail, Facebook, etc., on her Toshiba notebook computer.  Kathleen also logs her food on Weight Watchers Online while watching the morning news.

Slight case of morning bickering from the kitchen where both Alex and Ben are eating their pancakes.  Jay attacks the situation authoritatively and the bickering ends.  Breakfast is finished, first by Ben, who heads off to take a shower, then by Alex, who flops on the floor in the Living Room in front of the TV waiting out his time until he gets to access the shower.

[6:32:30....31...32......33.....] Break.

[6:35:45......46.....47....] Small talk between Jay and Kathleen about something on the news.  Plans for the day are discussed.

[6:41:00...01...02...] Kathleen heads back to the master bedroom and bathroom, preparing to shower. 

As Ben finishes his shower, Jay prompts Alex to get off the floor and head back to get in the shower.

Music eminates from the master bath….a key indicator that Kathleen is in the shower.   Exhaust fan is on, muffling “Mercy” by Duffy in the background.

Jay finishes breakfast.  Ben is now dressed.  Two showers are running…….

[6:51:57.....58.....59.....]  Commercial break.

[6:55:00...01....02.....] Jay is now in the bathroom, Kathleen has just turned off the shower.  Jay is at the sink shaving.  Kathleen wants access to the sink as well, mainly to rinse her hands after applying her hair products.  As Jay completes his shaving, but with remnants of the shaving gel still on his face, he attempts to kiss Kathleen.  After some playful battling, Jay is denied and heads in to the shower.

Music is still playing….Dire Straits “Heavy Fuel”…and it seems rather appropriate.