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KICKBALL – Audio Recap of Week One


For those on the team, and anyone else who is interested.

Fun with Audio…and a way to keep some of my production skills somewhat fresh.

No prize, but do you recognize the music bed?

PODCAST – Mosque debate; College Football season a week away

I was asked my opinion on the World Trade Center site mosque. Here it is. What is your opinion?

Not involved in college football for the second season in a row. The best way to quit anything is to wean yourself off….thanks to the Big 12, I did that.


PODCAST – Back in action….thoughs on recent travel; problem solving

What is the “Greatest City in the World”?  Where you are from may impact your thoughts on this.

To solve a problem, the better approach is to take things “step-by-step” (systematic).  Other disagree and think you need a comprehensive approach.  Which way to you do things?