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Arizona Fall League MVP gets called up, but not like you think

I am no fan of the Oakland Athletics, but this seems like an odd career move.

From CBSSports.com

I wish him well.


The misfortune of one brings out the worst in others…NOT surprised

Yesterday, the godfather of talk radio, the revitalizer of the Amplitute Modulation band (AM, for the rest of you) and conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh was hopitalized with chest pains.

I have always enjoyed Rush Limbaugh, not for what he says and believes, but for how he presents it.  Now, I admit, I agree with a lot of what he says, because he IS RIGHT, but it is the presentation that I have always enjoyed.

And yes, Rush Limbaugh inspired me to pursue a career that really didn’t exist when I was a child.  I achieved that goal and was successful.  [The short-sightedness of my most recent former employer is what derailed my radio career.  Letting someone go, someone who is bringing in 8 to 10 TIMES his income in revenue, in my cicumstances was just a stupid business decision.]

Anyhow, all of that said, when news broke of his hospitalization, the vitriol from those on the Left came out.

Fellow blogger Brian Maloney has compiled some fine examples.  Here is the link:


I have no respect for these sub-human individuals.  However, this is not isolated.  I went to the Huffington Post, out of curiosity, and commenters there were urging others NOT to say what is on their minds because it would only give more ammo to Bill O’Reilly.

They are right.  They need to shut up, but more so, they need to rethink their lives and beliefs.

One person at Brian Maloney’s site “The Radio Equalizer” made a very interesting statement.  They compared the vile actions of many on the left to the dancing in the streets in the Middle East after the attacks on 11 September 2001.  Noting the difference being that there is just one Rush Limbaugh.

How true.

I openly admit that I have NO respect for Barack Obama the man, but I do respect his office.  That said, I do not wish him any personal harm and I do wish the best for his family.  I just know that he is not bright enough and not decisive enough to lead our nation.  So, I do not respect him, personally.  And I think he has the potential to be a great ex-President, starting on 20 January 2013, unless he resigns sooner realizing that he is in over his head.  Not that I want a President Biden, that is a man that I actually have less respect for.

But again, I wish neither of them, nor their families any harm.  I actually feel conflicted when I do wish harm on truly awful people in this world, Usama Bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Robert Mugabe, FU Gators and ucla bruins.  But they are all really deserving of bad things.  [The last two are a joke...kind of.]

If you do not like Rush Limbaugh, there is a solution.  George Carlin, hardly a conservative, gave us this.  There are two main controls on a television and a radio.  One, controls the volume.  The other, changes the channel/station.

Tune out.

If you can’t do that, then accept the fact that you are a bad person.  And if you are a bad person, why do I know you and why are you reading my blog.  I hope that it is because you are seeking personal growth and redemption.  If not, let me just add you to the list a couple of paragraphs up.

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

TTU Football – Thoughts from a columnist, and then a blogger

I don’t how many of you know who Jason Whitlock is.  He is a sports columnist with the Kansas City Star, has been on ESPN as a regular contributor in the past and had a radio show on two different sports radio stations in Kansas City.

Some like him, some think he is a jerk.  Well, this column, about the situation at Texas Tech, caught my attention.


I am sort of mixed on my feelings toward Whitlock.  I have met him and I have been around him on a few occasions.  But in this case, I think he is dead on correct.

When Mike Leach was suspended, I heard the allegations and I didn’t understand the connections that Craig James was trying to make between discipline and a concussion.  Leach’s actions show him to be a bully.  Unfortunately, that is common in football.  I had a coach who was a bully, an example being how he would grab guys by their facemasks and pull them around.  It happened to me, more than once.  That is why I think Dennis Thome is one of the biggest assholes on the earth.  And it why I have low tolerance for bullies.  Especially when I witnessed it to my own son this fall.  (I made sure that the school principal and the district’s head football coach were aware of it.)

I will say this, I have never met Craig James, but I do not care for him.  I think he is a bombastic and very arrogant jerk who shows no remorse for his role in putting Southern Methodist University on its “Death Penalty” by the NCAA.  I know he was never implicated, but he was there and he HAD to know something.  I also don’t think he has much to contribute as an analyst.

That leads me to this, I have little doubt that the stories of Adam James arrogance, cockiness and laziness, as asserted by his teammates and TTU assistant coaches are true.  And I have little doubt that Adam James needed to be disciplined. 

But no matter how badly Adam James needed an attitude adjustment, he didn’t need to be bullied by his coach.  And Adam’s father didn’t need to go public with this situation.

I agree with Jason Whitlock, and I hope you read the article….I put these links in for a reason, the only responsible adults in this situation are the Texas Tech University administrators who ended it.

Adam James needs to grow up.  Craig James needs to shut up.  And Mike Leach needs to man up.

I got the POWER!!


Coming soon to Japan….a battery to run your home.

No idea how many will be needed and how long they will last per charge, but this could be a move that may make other forms of self generated energy more viable without the need for net-metering [which electric utilities hate].

Sanofi-Aventis, Apply Directly to the Forehead


Used to be a client of mine back when I was with CompUSA in Knoxville.  Interesting purchase.

World of Watches

Time Magazine names Person of the Year

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke named this morning as Time’s Person of the Year.

From the Los Angeles Times:


I ask you to think about this for a little bit.  Does Bernanke deserve this “honor”…and I put honor in quotes for a reason.  Remember, Adolf Hitler was Man of the Year in 1938, Josef Stalin in 1939 and 1942 and Barack Obama in 2008.  So, “honor” is not really the right term.

So, what about Bernanke?  Is he the Person of the Year for 2009?

Interesting choice, if nothing else.  He has certainly been under the microscope.  Some blame him for the current economic woes.  Others credit him for helping things out, or at least not making things worse.

I will say this for Ben Bernanke.  He has taken his share of criticism and maintained a level of dignity.  Anyone with a basic understanding of what has happened with our economy knows that a lot of the blame should be placed on Alan Greenspan.  He set this table, he blew up the bubble and when it blew up, the sticky mess landed on Bernanke and others (like you and me) because Greenspan spit the gum out.

But what I like best about Bernanke is this.  He has never blamed things overtly on his predecessor.  He has shared the blame and taken a lot of it.  And he should.  But by NOT pointing fingers at this predecessor, he has earned the respect of many, me included.

Which is why many do not respect the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  I wonder if he will EVER man up.


The next big thing in Commercial Aviation flies today

It has been delayed for a couple of years, but the 787 Dreamliner is scheduled to take flight for the first time today.

The 787 takes advantage of new materials, composites, that should reduce the wear and tear caused by the higher pressuraization that is required by the current aluminum airframes and skins used by passenger aircraft.

The story from CNN:


Other advantages will be better air-quality in the plane and more comfort on the longer flights that Boeing is targeting the 787 as a solution. Flying may be a pain these days, but the Dreamliner is supposed to help.