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Another Driver’s Safety tip from FloriDUH


I don’t think I have anything more to add to this story.

What? Why? Do they have ANYTHING to cheer for?


No, this is not for the Lions. It is for the area itself.

Cheering for a community where the house you bought five years ago for $90,000 MIGHT be worth $9,000 today is NOT something I understand.

But, good luck to them.

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Tony’s cousin does it for Haiti

I saw this story and thought to myself that help can come from anywhere.  And that is fine.

From UPI:


Then I saw the name of the General Manager of the place.

This is in Ohio, not New Jersey.
Not sure if this ad fits or not….you tell me…

Physical Addictions, Inc.

So….um, didn’t help with Aerodynamics?

Athletes do go to extremes to give themselves a competitive edge.  Ben Johnson, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Lyle Alzado, Brian Bosworth and others may come to mind for their use,  or alleged use, of steroids.

This is different.


Uh, OK.

A Marine seeks cover, but NOT the way you’d think

And no, you do not need to be a criminal to go there any more.


Take camera when visiting Australia.  Got it.


Going for a spin without ever leaving home


This may seem weird, and it may be expensive to operate, but it would be interesting.

But, if you are like a man that I once knew, you wouldn’t like this.  It prevents your head from maintaining its alignment with the magnetic poles of our planet.

That is true…..he used magnets behind the headboard when he lived somewhere he couldn’t arrange his bed in that way.

To explain….he did live in California and once was a member of Scientology.  Not sure if that is a connection, just laying out the facts.

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