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VIDEO – Explosion in Jefferson City!!

OK, so it was a controlled explosion.  As part of the construction of a new water intake system for Missouri America Water’s system in Jefferson City, Missouri, a team from Reynolds, Inc., and the Missouri University of Science & Technology (Missouri S&T) perform a necessary blast for the shaft that will be used to pump the water up from the Missouri River. 

Oh…and they added a little bit of “Hollywood” to make a good impression on those gathered at the site.

American Water 09082010-trim

PODCAST – The Economy is the fault of..???

I go political again.  Blame the President.  Of course, I don’t mean Obama.  Obviously, it is Bush’s fault…isn’t everything?


KICKBALL – Audio Recap of Week One


For those on the team, and anyone else who is interested.

Fun with Audio…and a way to keep some of my production skills somewhat fresh.

No prize, but do you recognize the music bed?

PODCAST – Mosque debate; College Football season a week away

I was asked my opinion on the World Trade Center site mosque. Here it is. What is your opinion?

Not involved in college football for the second season in a row. The best way to quit anything is to wean yourself off….thanks to the Big 12, I did that.


PODCAST – Back in action….thoughs on recent travel; problem solving

What is the “Greatest City in the World”?  Where you are from may impact your thoughts on this.

To solve a problem, the better approach is to take things “step-by-step” (systematic).  Other disagree and think you need a comprehensive approach.  Which way to you do things?


PODCAST – Interview with State Senate candidate Harry Otto

Harry Otto took my invitation to be interviewed for this podcast.  Give a listen and make your decision by August 3rd.


PODCAST – Technical issues forced this delay.


Had issues with my primary microphone, again.  So, here is the latest.  It is mainly sports related…you’ve been warned.

PODCAST – It’s a Generational thing


Listen to the complete podcast.  If you do not, you will think that I am dumping on one group.  You need to hear this through to the end.

Feedback is definately wanted on this and all podcast entries.  E-mail me at jay@jaykersting.com or drop me a note on Facebook.

PODCAST – First Interview (Jay Barnes), storms and more….

Sunday storms, World Cup, Lebron James, and first interview on the podcast, Jay Barnes.  Jay is running for the State Representative seat from the 114th district.


PODCAST – What’s new? Both for the podcast and, possibly, Jefferson City.

Jay Kersting’s podcast – edition 3 –

Feedback is appreciated.  More updates on what is next.  Interviews start this afternoon to help fill future editions.